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Feel blissful at bedtime

A French Kiss

720,000LL /Each

Grounding CBD bubbles

Sold out

Botanomancy CBD Bubble Bar

1,080,000LL /320g


840,000LL /Each

Bathing confectionary

Sold out

Creamy Candy

510,000LL /Each

Sweet minty magic

Sold out


650,000LL /120g

Fresh, fruity and cool

Ladybird Bubble Bar

1,030,000LL /Each

Creamy Cardamom & Green Tea

Matcha Roll

900,000LL /320g

Energising zesty citrus

Sold out

Mermaid Tail

770,000LL /75g

Lemon scented spectrum


840,000LL /120g

For a rosier mood and softer skin

Sold out

Rose Jam Bubbleroon

720,000LL /Each

Soft, malted lavender

Sleepy Bubble Bar

840,000LL /Each

Fresh, fruity, and juicy

Strawberry Crumble

890,000LL /200g
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