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CBD afternoon bathing

4:20 pm

900,000LL /200g

Cooling peppermint magnesium remedy

After Magnesium

1,370,000LL /Each

Ylang and cedarwood opulence

Attar Massage Bar

1,640,000LL /Each

Zesty Litsea Cubeba & Bergamot

Avocado Cowash Body Spray


Motivational magnesium massage

Before Magnesium

1,370,000LL /Each

Beit Eddine Lipstick

1,290,000LL /Each

Time for some vitamin sea

Sold out

Big Blue

580,000LL /180g

Neroli, Sicilian red mandarin and vanilla

Big body spray


Eight for shower and body luxury


6,600,000LL /Each

Grounding CBD bubbles

Sold out

Botanomancy CBD Bubble Bar

1,080,000LL /320g

Vitamin C and charcoal

Sold out

Bright & Beautiful

1,780,000LL /100g

Warming, sensual floral comfort

Sold out

Broken Heart

580,000LL /200g
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