Small and Sweet

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Two bathing masterpieces

Bath Art

1,750,000LL /Each

A trio of bathers for the deepest sleep

Deep Sleep

2,280,000LL /Each

Every Cloud

1,670,000LL /Each

Two wake-up cleanses

Fresh As

1,920,000LL /Each

Fabulously floral, sweet trio

Garden Party

2,800,000LL /Each

Spicy citrus best selling trio

Good Karma

3,050,000LL /Each

A duo of sweet softeners

Sold out

Honey I Washed The Kids

1,290,000LL /Each

A bright duo of bath blooms

Kiss from a Rose

1,920,000LL /Each

A brightening floral pair


1,670,000LL /Each

Two rose-scented delights

Sold out

Rose Gift

2,040,000LL /Each

A super soothing, relaxing duo


1,920,000LL /Each

Playful bathtime duo

Thank you

1,330,000LL /Each
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