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Antibacterial, herbal cleanse

13 Soap Unlucky

460,000LL /180g

CBD afternoon bathing

4:20 pm

530,000LL /200g
Alien bubble bar, a bright yellow alien's face with black oval eyes.

Space out with zesty citrus


420,000LL /Each

American Cream

From 610,000LL /100g

Angel Hair

690,000LL /Each

A moisture replenishing lather

Avocado Co-Wash

From 798,000LL /100g
Bat Art bath bomb, sparkly and black in the shape of a bat with its wings outstretched.

Aura cleansing rosemary and sage

Bat Art

380,000LL /200g


690,000LL /Each

To make you feel like a mermaid


1,220,000LL /330g

Time for some vitamin sea

Sold out

Big Blue

340,000LL /180g
Big Foot bath bomb, a blue and pink monster foot with three toes.

Milky, salt-rich hydration

Big Foot

340,000LL /200g

Woody, charcoal cleanse

Big Moustache

500,000LL /180g
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