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Laureth 4

Laureth 4

(Laureth 4)

Laureth-4 is a polyoxyether of lauryl alcohol, a clear colourless liquid. This ingredient helps the product mix and dissolve in water; without laureth-4, the product is hard to rinse from the skin.

We use laureth-4 in our bath melts and body butters as an emulsifier.

In our Creamy Candy bvath Bubble Bar, laureth-4 helps to create a creamy, milky effect in the water.

We use laureth-4 as an emulsifier in our softening You’ve Been Mangoed, Dreamtime and Ceridwen’s Cauldron bath melts. The effect leaves your skin feeling silky smooth and wonderfully soft.

When showering with Aqua Mirablis and You Snap the Whip body butters, the laureth-4 is part of the creamy, exfoliating lather.

MMM Melting Marshmallow Moment, and Floating Island both contain laureth-4 to emulsify all the ingredients.