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Tangerine Oil

Tangerine Oil

(Citrus reticulata)

Tangerine oil and mandarin oil are extracted from the ripe fruits of the Citrus reticulata tree. This belongs to the citrus (Rutaceae) plant family.  Tangerine oil is extracted by cold expression from the peel of the ripe fruits.

This evergreen tree can grow up to six metres tall with white flowers and orange fruits.

Although these two oils come from the same plant, they look and smell different due to many factors, including climate, altitude, and growing conditions.

The tangerine fruit does not have pips; it is lighter in colour and larger than the mandarin. It produces orange-like, sweetly fragranced oil.

Tangerine is harvested in November and is typically produced in Florida, Texas and California.

Both mandarin and tangerine carry the same properties. Aromatherapists use these oils for stress relief, to improve the condition of the skin and to help insomnia. Both oils are also popular in perfumery.

We use tangerine oil in our Whipstick and Lip Service lip balms for its uplifting fragrance.