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Triethanolamine is a synthetic, pale yellow liquid.

It is classed as organic because there is carbon within the structure, and as a compound because there are several elements bound together.

We use triethanolamine as an emulsifier.

Creams and lotions are water and oil droplets held together by materials called emulsifiers. Were it not for emulsifiers, oil droplets would float on top of the water.

When formulating our creams and lotions, we carefully consider the levels of fatty acids in other materials (such as cocoa and shea butters).

We use triethanolamine in our Enchanted eye cream, Celestial, Imperialis and Gorgeous facial moisturisers to bind all of the different ingredients together.

You can find it in our best seller, Dream Cream, too. It works to hold all the soothing ingredients and essential oils together in a perfectly blended pot of heaven.

In our Ocean Salt facial cleanser, the triethanolamine emulsifies and holds together the fresh grapefruit infusion, fresh organic lime, extra virgin coconut oil and avocado butter.