Looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas? Our We believe has set our vision of ‘happy people making happy soap, putting our faces on our products and making our mums proud’ since 1995. So, make sure Mother’s Day is all wrapped up, with these perfect Mother’s Day presents.

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Spring into four bath treats

A Very Happy Lush Easter

7,440,000LL /Each

A groovy gift of six body beauties

Flower Power

13,540,000LL /Each

Apple-scented Spring bathing

Atom Heart Mother

1,680,000LL /200g

A zesty hug in the tub

Avo Cuddle

2,040,000LL /200g

Pack up these five for all over

Bunnies Picnic

12,850,000LL /Each

Rhubarb and mimosa lathers

Buzzy Mum Soap

2,240,000LL /80g

Citrussy sweet celebratory scrub!


4,760,000LL /250g

Sweet bathing flamboyance

Flamingo Egg

1,680,000LL /200g

A wondrous rainbow bathtime

Follow the White Rabbit

1,380,000LL /200g

Sweet-scented liquid gold

Golden Egg

From 2,370,000LL /Each

Shimmering sweet caramel

Golden Egg

1,540,000LL /200g

Seven bath and body items with room to bloom

Happy Mother's Day

13,540,000LL /Each
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