The concept of this collaboration has been inspired by the famous words of Monkey D. Luffy, the main character of ONE PIECE, who dreams of becoming the ‘The King of the Pirates’: “I smell adventure!!!”. The collaboration features six products including four bath bombs inspired by the ‘Devil Fruit’, which in the story gives mysterious power at one bite. A bubble bar inspired by the straw hat of Luffy and a Knot Wrap (Lush’s reusable gift wrap) featuring the symbolic pirate flag of Luffy and his crew.

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See you on the high seas...Luffy!

Flame-Flame Fruit

2,390,000LL /200g

I'm going to become...King of the Pirates!!!

Gum-Gum Fruit

2,390,000LL /200g

I'm fine being a monster for Luffy's sake!

Human-Human Fruit

2,390,000LL /200g

Straw Hat

3,270,000LL /200g
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