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Apple scented spring bathing

Atom Heart Mother

400,000LL /180g

Zesty, shareable suds


480,000LL /180g

Rhubarb and mimosa lathers

Buzzy Mum

480,000LL /180g

Smoothing carrot oil & grapefruit

Carrot Stick

360,000LL /80g

A quacking good pick-me-up

Disco Duck

320,000LL /180g

Eggciting citrus soaks

Easter Bunny

480,000LL /180g

Malted bergamot and sencha notes

Elephant In The Tea Room

480,000LL /180g

Cotton candy scented waters

Flamingo Egg

400,000LL /180g

It's party time for your lips!

Funfetti Cake

500,000LL /80g

Golden, honey scented bather

Golden Egg

360,000LL /180g

Tropical, sweet shop suds

Sold out

Gummy Bear

400,000LL /75g

Sophisticated floral soaks


360,000LL /180g
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