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Charity Pot

From 10,000LL /10g

Soothe, calm and hydrate

Dream Cream

207,000LL /240g

Dream Cream Self Preserving

From 55,000LL /45g

Max out your moisture

Sold out

Elbow Grease Moisturising Bar

90,000LL /Each

Sweetly scented soft skin

Fairy Dust

97,000LL /Each

Karma Kreme

207,000LL /225g

Little Pot of Energy

127,000LL /Each

Apple-solutely softening

Once Upon A Time

From 129,000LL /100g

Silky Underwear

95,000LL /Each


From 117,000LL /95g

Sympathy for the Skin

169,000LL /240g

Mini tin, mighty protection


127,000LL /40g
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