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Henna Marron

990,000LL /325g

Henna Noir

990,000LL /325g

Henna Rouge

990,000LL /325g

Sustainable bamboo tint brush

Henna Tint Brush

520,000LL /Each

A strawberry blonde for fair hair

Henna Venitien

1,330,000LL /325g

Honey I Washed My Hair

600,000LL /Each

Your hair’s personal trainer in a pot

Infra Wig

830,000LL /100g

Sophisticated floral soaks


320,000LL /180g

Jasmine And Henna Fluff Ease

1,140,000LL /240g

Jason and the Argan Oil

600,000LL /Each

Jumping Juniper

600,000LL /Each

Eid inspired jasmine soaks

Light The Night

450,000LL /180g
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