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Apple-scented Spring bathing

Atom Heart Mother

1,680,000LL /200g

Ylang and cedarwood opulence

Attar Massage Bar

4,390,000LL /Each

A zesty hug in the tub

Avo Cuddle

2,040,000LL /200g

Mood boosting Lemongrass soak


1,460,000LL /200g

A moisture replenishing lather

Avocado Co-Wash

From 3,520,000LL /100g

Two bathing masterpieces

Bath Art

4,660,000LL /Each

Motivational magnesium massage

Before Magnesium

3,650,000LL /Each


3,160,000LL /Each

To make you feel like a mermaid


6,230,000LL /330g

Time for some vitamin sea

Big Blue

1,570,000LL /180g

Firming and beautifying

Biomic Self Preserving Body Cream

From 7,270,000LL /225g

Our darkest bath art yet…

Black Rose

2,050,000LL /Each
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