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Economical, naked and self-preserving: what’s not to love about our solid shampoo bars?

Small but perfectly formed, they’re also ideal for travel; these longlasting, light little bundles of concentrated shampoo don’t contain any water, so there won’t be a carry on at the airport if they’re in your carry-on. A single bar could take you around the world in 80 washes, but why wait until you’re going away to use them?



Why use them?

Take two bottles into the shower? That’s effectively what you’re doing when you’re using our solid shampoo bar. As there is no water in them, these highly-concentrated discs packed with natural ingredients and essential oils do the job of two to three 200ml shampoo bottles. At around five times lighter and slimmer than a shampoo bottle, why take plastic* and water into the shower?


How to use

Wet your hair.

Stroke the bar down the hair a few times to lather it up.

Massage into the scalp and hair, as you would with a liquid shampoo.

Rinse out and condition as necessary.

Leave the bar out in the air to dry, ready for another use.


A short history of the shampoo bar

First invented way back when we were still Cosmetics To Go, the company that was predecessor to Lush, we were making shampoo bars and mailing them out all over the country. We used to wrap them in foil packaging with a stickered label on the top, but now we sell them as naked as the day they were made.

We called them ‘INASIA’ shampoo bars back then, which was an acronym for ‘I not a soap, I a shampoo bar!’ When the founders were struggling for a name, Mark turned to his youngest son Jack for inspiration, asking him, ‘Can you think of a name for our new soap?’ To which he replied: ‘I not a soap, I a Jack!’ It was an epithet that stuck, though with the birth of Lush we decide to simply call them ‘shampoo bars’.

Invented by Mo Constantine and Stan Krysztal in a joint effort to create a new soap, these mighty bars were the unexpected result of experimenting with a new kind of soap base with surfactant ‘needles’. A surfactant is basically a substance that encourages the soap to produce a lather, and these new needles lathered up much more than normal soap, which meant that Mo and Stan were able to add in lots of other beneficial essential oils and ingredients, transforming their new soap into a beautifully cleansing solid shampoo. Best of all, once Cosmetics To Go had patented the shampoo bar, Mo was able to change the field marked ‘occupation’ on her passport, to ‘Inventor’!

Because they’re solid, there’s no water, no preservatives and no plastic bottles either. We now think of them as one of the best things we’ve ever invented. You can read the full story of the company that came before Lush, including the birth of our amazing solid shampoo bars, in the Danger! Cosmetics To Go book.

These highly-concentrated discs packed with natural ingredients and essential oils do the job of two to three 200ml shampoo bottles.