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We love baths and we love using beautiful, beneficial ingredients in our bath bombs, to lift your spirits and fill your day with fragrance

The term ‘aromatherapy’ was invented in 1937 by the eminent French chemist René-Maurice Gattefossé. The story goes that, in the laboratory one day he plunged his burnt hand into a vat of lavender oil instead of water. Surprised at the rapid healing effect the oil had on his skin, he began research into the medicinal benefits of other essential oils on the skin and mind, and with the publication of his book Aromathérapie: Les Huiles Essentielles, Hormones Végétales, the concept of aromatherapy was born.

Mo Constantine, one of the Lush co-founders, invented the bath bomb many years ago (in 1989 to be precise), and ever since the first one we haven't stopped our exploration into the world of bath time innovation.

Pioneering new products is part of what we do – over time, bath bombs have become synonymous with Lush, and a symbol of what we mean by innovation. A bath bomb isn’t just a way to treat your skin to beautiful butters and essential oils; it creates a unique bathing experience filled with wonderful uplifting fragrance and vibrant colour. We draw much of our inspiration from aromatherapy and how essential oils can affect both your mind and body.

Now we've taken things even further and into the wilds of space, colours and even more scents. Clear your diary, run a nice warm bath and come join us, won't you?

Did you know?

The fresher they are, the fizzier they are. We also use generous spoonfuls of essential oils to make the fragrances, something which you come to expect from your daily dunk in the bath.

When Mo first came up with the idea it wasn't just for the froth and the fizziness, it was to overcome the serious problem that some people have with detergents in the bath. Children under seven and lots of women shouldn't use bubble baths too often, not even ours, because they can irritate the urinary tract.

Lush were the first people to bring some luxury to boring baths: mood enhancing fragrances, flower petals, colours, moisturising butters - all manner of surprises to make bath times worthy of spending your hard-earned relaxation time enjoying. Our fizzing, non-foaming baths are made with essential oils that were chosen especially to brighten up your day and lift your mood.