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 It’s very easy when it comes to packaging to sound puritanical but here at LUSH, while we really love ribbons, bows and bells, we prefer to spend our money on top quality ingredients instead. Our greatest love is to invent products with no packaging at all. You can buy about 70% of our products naked, including bath bombs, shampoo bars, bubble bars, massage bars, body butters and solid facial cleansers.

We like to use the money we don't spend on packaging on making sure you are getting the most beautiful natural materials money can buy.

What's more, bacteria and other microscopic nasties thrive in water. Take the water out and they have no place to breed. That means we don.t need to put preservatives in products that have no water. At Lush, we don't like preservatives. They are designed to kill stuff, so we're always finding ways to avoid them. When we do have to use them, we use the smallest possible amount. Our bottles and potted products have a shelf life of only 14 months, whereas other cosmetics will have a shelf life of up to 5 years!

Occasionally though, when we say naked we really mean it. In July 2007, to highlight the issues of overpackaging, our staff shed their clothes and bared their bums in the streets in a cheeky campaign that got consumers thinking about how much packaging is in the stuff we all buy.

The majority of liquid shampoos available on the market are mostly made up of water, surfactants and other chemicals, fragrance, preservatives and plastic bottle and a lid. The obvious reason why traditional shampoo needs to come bottled in plastic in because it is liquid! Lush asked itself -"What if we took the water out and made it solid? Would we then be able to eliminate the plastic bottle?" The answer Lush found was a resounding YES.

Making shampoos solid also have the knock on effect of requiring no preservative (if you remove the water, microorganisms have no place to breed).

Because our shampoo bars contains no water, they are highly concentrated. You can get between 80 and 100 hair washes out of one bar, thus making it the equivalent of 2 to 3 liquid shampoo bottles. So, when you buy a shampoo bar, you're preventing about 75g of plastic from being introduced into the environment. Since we sell nearly 1,800,000 bars all over the world, we collectively save around 135 tonnes of plastic every year!