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Fur means unnecessary animal suffering and killing!

On the street you see many young people wearing coats with fur collars attached to them. A few years ago, fur was no longer common; it was a symbol of animal cruelty. Nowadays, if you wear fur you seem to be cool.


The answer is easy: fur is the coat of a dead animal. This coat is modified so that clothing or anything else, a bag for example, can be made out of it. Seals are perhaps the best known animals that are slain for their fur. In Canada every year thousands of young seals are clubbed, but there are many more animals killed for their fur: rabbits, foxes, raccoons, chinchillas, minks, ermines, and so on. These animals are only killed for their fur and for nothing else.

Previously, many wild animals were trapped for their fur. This happened on such a large scale that some animals were increasingly rare and even became extinct.

Several tiger and wolf species are extinct due to fur-hunting. Also leopards and panthers are now highly endangered species because of this. By hunting these animals were becoming rarer, but the demand for fur remained. To solve this problem fur farms were established where animals were especially bred for their fur. And so it continues. There are still animals caught in the wild for their fur, but most of all the fur comes from farms. Especially Denmark, Finland, China, Russia, Canada and the United States hold large-scale captive animals.

Every year more than a billion (!) minks, foxes, raccoon dogs, rabbits and other animals are killed for their fur alone.



Foxes, raccoons, raccoon dogs, rabbits and coyotes are being used as fashion accessories. These animals live in horrendous conditions in countries such as China, until they are killed to be used in a fur production. 

Several countries in Europe still breed and kill furred animals for the fashion industry.

Only the back of these beautiful animals are used. The rest of the fur is thrown away.



- Are you in doubt if a collar is real fur? Don’t buy it! Did you already buy it; make sure it disappears from the streets, so people aren’t tempted to buy fur as well.

- Tell others about fur, where it comes from and how they can see it’s real or fake.


Come to our stores, sign the pledge and support our furry friends. In some of the shops you will have the opportunity to put your red handprint on a window or on a board in store and give voice to all animals killed for fur! And wash hands with our Lush soap – vegetarian and not tested on animals!

We have a great informative brochure for you and you can also download this or share with your friends. Take your sample in any Lush store in Lebanon. 



Sign our pledge and don’t wear fur!