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Knot just for Christmas

We love knot-wraps because they are a great, reusable alternative to paper. Inspired by a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth called Furoshiki, our knot-wraps look stunning, they're easy and fun to use, and much better for the environment than conventional paper and sticky tape because they don't get thrown away.

The Lush knot-wrap is a gift in itself - a little something extra that can be used in dozens of different ways. Best of all (and if you're feeling really generous) they can be used to wrap another gift and passed on, helping the festive goodwill to last all year long.

Many of our festive knot-wraps are Greenspun (fabric made from recycled plastic bottles); others are made by the re-wrap co-operative in India, whose objective is to empower local women through training and employment. We also have a range of up-cycled Vintage knot-wraps to choose from – and once you've selected one, you can fill it with whichever products you like for a truly thoughtful gift.

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Christmas Knot-Wraps

Find out more about our beautiful knot wraps and knot-wrapped gifts.

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