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WELCOME TO OUR LUSHOPAEDIA... This is the place where you can learn about every ingredient that we put into our fresh, handmade cosmetics.

WE BELIEVE... In making effective products from fresh*, organic* fruit and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics. *We also believe words like 'fresh' and 'organic' have an honest meaning beyond marketing.

Lushopaedia is the culmination of years of work by the product inventors, going back to the days of Cosmetics to Go and even before. Here, you will discover a world of exciting ingredients.Learn how we use fresh and organic fruits, kilos of essential oils, tonnes of natural butters and an array of herbs, spices and infusions. You can learn about each safe synthetic and why we use them.

We believe in being honest about every ingredient that goes into our products.

We use over 260,000,000 roses each year, dried or fresh, absolute or oil.

We use 8,000 bunches of fresh flowers every year in our products.

We squeeze oil from 20,000,000 Sicilan lemons into our products a year.

We buy our charcoal from The Dorset Charcoal Company. Producing sustainable, local British charcoal and ensuring good management of local woodlands.

60% of everything we make will have at least one organic ingredient.

We use 50 tonnes of fruit and veg in our fresh handmade cosmetics a year!