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  • Avobath Quick View


    For liveliness and softer skin. If you’re the sort who lounges in bed, Avobath is what you need to get you moving in the morning. It’s a refreshing ballistic with freshly mashed avocado and olive oil to treat your skin to a banquet, and lemongrass to stimulate sleepy brains. When you’re sluggish in the morning, get up and Avobath.

    In Stock

    L.L.10,000 / 180g

  • Big Blue Quick View

    Big Blue

    Lemon, lavender and seaweed to bring calm. Have you ever hankered for a minimalist space with plain walls, wooden floors, no mess, no clutter and no distractions to stop you seeing clearly? If you work surrounded by piles of paper, constantly interrupted by endless emails, such a vision is a distant vain hope. However, it is possible to escape into a world of pure, uncluttered thought by dropping a Big Blue into the bath. Lemon and lavender oils help to clear your mind, complete with skin-softening seaweed and stimulating sea salt to help you float away in your own warm, blue ocean of inspiration.

    In Stock

    L.L.11,000 / 180g

  • Black Rose Bath Bomb Quick View

    Black Rose Bath Bomb

    Better than a bunch of flowers

    Wash away your woes with sweet rose. This richly romantic Turkish rose and lemon love story will have you falling head over heels for bathing all over again. A kiss of conditioning Fair Trade cocoa butter hydrates, while balancing geranium leaves your skin looking blooming beautiful.

    In Stock

    L.L.18,000 / 0Each

  • Butterball Quick View


    The bouncing Butterball is chock with chips of cocoa butter to melt all over your hot body in warm water and smooth you all over like a master masseur. It will fizz joyously, scenting the water with sweet musk and vanilla and softening you up nicely.

    In Stock

    L.L.8,000 / 95g

  • Cheer Up Buttercup Bath Bomb Quick View

    Cheer Up Buttercup Bath Bomb

    Chin up!

    An old (and slightly odd) British childhood game states that if you hold a buttercup under your chin and it glows yellow, it means you love butter. You don't need to hold this cheerful bomb to your skin to know you love bathing! Bring the sunrise into your bathroom by dropping this fizzing treat into a bathful of warm water. Bright lemon myrtle, zesty lime and uplifting neroli will have you skipping down the street with a big smile on your face.

    In Stock

    L.L.8,000 / 0kg

  • Dragon's Egg Quick View

    Dragon's Egg

    Run yourself the perfect temperature bath and get in. Take a moment to let go of the world outside your bathroom before launching your ballistic into the water and watching it fizz away. Like an everlasting gobstopper, this ballistic keeps on revealing layer upon layer of surprises. It gives up its gifts in an unfolding drama, leaving you in a bath of molten gold. Along the way you will experience a firework display of colour, a fiery crackle of popping candy, a swirling landscape of creamy foam and a drift of paper dragon scales.

    In Stock

    L.L.13,000 / 180g

  • Fairy Trumpets Bath Bomb Quick View

    Fairy Trumpets Bath Bomb

    Away with the fairies

    If you didn’t believe in fairies before, you will now - let this pretty pixie take you under its wing. As it fizzes and flits quickly around your bath, popping candy crackles like enchanting whispers. Honeysuckle and chamomile work in ethereal harmony, magical and mesmerising, while orange flower absolute adds a delightfully jovial note to your bath. You’re left with swirling pink and yellow water, a sprite-ly combination.;

    In Stock

    L.L.18,000 / 0Each

  • Figaro Figaro Bath Bomb Quick View

    Figaro Figaro Bath Bomb

    Galileo, Galileo

    Change your tune with a bath bomb built for crooners. Laden with soothing natural ingredients, Figaro will strike a (vocal) chord and leave you shouting “encore”. A herbal quartet of peppermint, sage, thyme and eucalyptus oil release aromatic steam, helping you to find your voice again. Step out ready to take centre stage.

    In Stock

    L.L.13,000 / 0Each

  • Geode Bath Bomb Quick View

    Geode Bath Bomb

    Sedimentary my dear Watson

    This precious geode is formed from mineral-rich salt and antibacterial sodium bicarbonate, drawing out impurities from the skin to leave it feeling thoroughly cleansed. As it cracks open with popping candy, pearl lustre escapes like fragments of agate and the water turns an eye-catching gold and pink colour. Lavender absolute and bergamot work in harmony, leaving your mind crystal clear. 

    In Stock

    L.L.18,000 / 0Each

  • Goddess Bath Bomb Quick View

    Goddess Bath Bomb

    Bathing is believing

    Heavenly scent, jasmine absolute seduces you into lilac and silver waters, while the darkness of oudh and the richness of sandalwood keep you there, lingering a little longer. Precious ingredients for a true goddess, lifting your mind to a higher plane.   As each layer unfolds and sodium bicarbonate sends colours swirling, something divine happens to your body. Feel your muscles warming, feel your blood pumping, feel your strength.   Legend says Cleopatra bathed in milk, but a true goddess bathes in butters. Fair Trade Colombian cocoa butter and shea butter melt into creamy waters, then a skin-softening slick of liquid gold argan oil, a holy trinity of moisturisation. Behind the shea and argan, are stories of empowered women’s groups in Ghana and Morocco. Not age-old legends of celestial beings, but real stories from Planet Earth of building communities and defending the natural world.   Do you believe God is a woman?

    In Stock

    L.L.18,000 / 0Each

  • Groovy Kind Of Love Bath Bomb Quick View

    Groovy Kind Of Love Bath Bomb

    Sex, suds and rock ‘n’ roll

    Fill your bathtub with peace, love and positivity - melting into rings of rainbow colour, Groovy Kind Of Love is built with trippy hippies in mind. Flower children will fall for this combination of rosewood, bergamot and ylang ylang oil, which will lift spirits and leave your skin toned, balanced and refreshed. 

    In Stock

    L.L.18,000 / 0Each

  • Harajuku Bath Bomb Quick View

    Harajuku Bath Bomb

    Look on the bright side

    Take a dip in Harajuku style and get lost in a kaleidoscope of kawaii colour. A pick ‘n’ mix of bubble gum sweetness, this candied bath bomb blends punchy Brazilian orange oil with balsamic benzoin resinoid and sugary vanilla. Step out the water and delight in the bubble pop electric fragrance that lingers on your skin

    In Stock

    L.L.18,000 / 0Each

  • Hi Ho Silver Bath Bomb Quick View

    Hi Ho Silver Bath Bomb

    Every cloud has a silver

    In Stock

    L.L.18,000 / 0Each

  • Ickle Baby Bot Quick View

    Ickle Baby Bot

    A ballistic that will send little ones off to sleep? Does not compute! Drop it in the bath with baby bots to calm them down. They’ll soon be dreaming of electric sheep with a sleep-inducing combination of lavender and sandalwood oils.

    In Stock

    L.L.8,000 / 65g

  • Intergalactic Quick View


    Blast off into funky

    Ever wondered what bathing in deep space would be like? Invite the cosmos into your bathroom with this sexy, interstellar bomb and become the guardian of your own galaxy. An awesome mix of refreshing peppermint and neon colour sends your mood rocketing, while popping candy takes you on a trip around the Milky Way. Constellations swirl and pop, creating vibrant lustre vortexes in the night sky. Before you leap too far, rogue layers of vetivert and cedarwood take hold, evoking the warmth of human contact far from home and a hint of 80s aftershave. Return from your intergalactic brief encounter as the grounding scent brings you gently back from orbit. 

    In Stock

    L.L.15,000 / 200g

  • Karma Yantra Bath Bomb Quick View

    Karma Yantra Bath Bomb

    Go deeper

    Brimming with sunny ingredients to brighten your day and beckon in the good vibes, Karma Yantra will soothe your bohemian soul with balancing patchouli and sharp pine. Orange oil and lemongrass elevate this otherwise earthy fragrance, illuminating your skin and state of mind, while spicy elemi oil leaves you with a lingering sense of peace. Step out the bath ready to spread kindness and positivity. 

    In Stock

    L.L.13,000 / 0Each

  • Little Bottle Of Calm Bath Bomb Quick View

    Little Bottle Of Calm Bath Bomb

    Declare each day a holiday

    . If bolting to the nearest bookshop, reading The Little Book Of Calm from front cover to back and then swallowing it for good measure sounds reasonable right now, reach for this fizzing blend of herbal comfort instead. It’s simpler, unlikely to give you indigestion and an altogether more relaxing way to take five.   Like a restorative dose of essential oil dropped neat under the tap, an empowering blend of lavender, chamomile blue, and tonka takes to the water, turning your tub into the serenest of spas for when you just need to hide away from the outside world.   Rest your mind to restore your body. Relax to the soft sound of essential oils infusing the water, music to weary ears, and tune out all other memos, plans and mental clutter. Treat your mind to a holiday at every chance you get to bring lasting calm into your life.

    In Stock

    L.L.13,000 / 25g

  • Lucky Cat Bath Bomb Quick View

    Lucky Cat Bath Bomb

    Get your paws on this

    This purr-fect little lucky cat is beckoning you to bathe. Fizzing into fluffy fuschia waters, multi-coloured stars burst from the centre, waving in good fortune and leaving you feline fine. A classically botanic blend of jasmine absolute, neroli and ylang ylang - this kitty is fresh, and floral, with a squeaky clean scent. You’ll leave the bath feeling brand mew. 

    In Stock

    L.L.13,000 / 0Each

  • Marmalade Jelly Bomb Quick View

    Marmalade Jelly Bomb

    No need to keep it

    Please look after this Jelly Bomb and uplifting orange flower absolute will look after your mood. Get in a warm bath, toss in this brightening brunch of Brazilian orange and grapefruit oils and relax as jelly covers the water, softening skin and spreading joy as it goes. Travelling all the way from deepest darkest Poole vibrant oranges and yellows will chase away the blues. Without a shred of a doubt, bad moods will be toast!

    In Stock

    L.L.20,000 / 0kg

  • Marshmallow World Bath Bomb Quick View

    Marshmallow World Bath Bomb

    Sweets for my sweet

    Indulge in a sugar bath scented with American Cream - you’ll get all of the sweet-shop glee and none of the post-binge guilt. Vanilla scented with a touch of strawberry, this multi-coloured marvel is a fiesta of fizz. Marshmallow powder soothes and softens, while granulated sugar adds a sugary flourish, you’ll smell good enough to eat! 

    In Stock

    L.L.18,000 / 0Each

  • Melusine Bath Bomb Quick View

    Melusine Bath Bomb

    Mer-made to be

    If you’re feeling like a nervous wreck, drop Melusine a line. This mesmerising mermaid bath bomb is perfumed with zesty Avocado Co-Wash perfume and sure to make waves. Sweet lemony litsea cubeba and cheerful bergamot oil lift your senses, while olibanum will have you floating in no time. Finally a pinch of carrageenan extract hydrates the skin, delivering a hefty dose of vitamin sea. Watch as your cares drift away. 

    In Stock

    L.L.18,000 / 0Each

  • Metamorphosis Quick View


    Dawn chorus

    A symphony of darkness and light, this intensely rhapsodic bomb will release comforting, tranquil black pepper and myrrh resinoid to cleanse and uplift your soul. Release into warm water, and as the darkness of night fizzes away, a warm cinnamon sunrise of orange, pink, yellow and green bursts into life. Break free of the old and step into a bright new day.

    In Stock

    L.L.16,000 / 185g

  • Pirates of the Carrageenan Bath Bomb Quick View

    Pirates of the Carrageenan Bath Bomb

    Feel shipshape

    When things are feeling adrift, hoist the anchor and set sail on a voyage to calm seas. This treasure chest is overflowing with softening seaweed to soothe the saltiest of sea dogs. Pimento berry and ginger oils will help to undo stubborn knots, while woody sandalwood and patchouli will transport you to the musky boards of your very own pirate ship. What arrr you waiting for? jump aboard! Just don’t forget to scrub down the decks after.

    In Stock

    L.L.18,000 / 0Each

  • Rocket Science Quick View

    Rocket Science


    Blast off to another world with this mix of uplifting bergamot and lemon. It’s smooth soaring to beautiful bath waters as mellow yellow fizzes with deep blue and pink. Lower onto the surface of the water, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride as it leisurely glides around the bath. You'll love this to the moon and back.

    In Stock

    L.L.16,000 / 110g

  • Royalty Bath Bomb Quick View

    Royalty Bath Bomb

    Dip your crown jewels

    Rich, regal and utterly opulent - heady jasmine and sandalwood are the jewel in Royalty’s crown. As it evanesces, this luxurious bath bomb releases softening soya milk, creating velvety water which leaves your skin moisturised and radiant. You’ll be the queen of clean.

    In Stock

    L.L.18,000 / 0Each

  • Sakura Quick View


    Like the blossom in a Tokyo park on a spring afternoon. The Sakura Ballistic is made in honour of cherry blossom time, perfumed with mimosa and jasmine to give you the joyful feeling of springtime, whenever you need it. When the blossom bursts forth in late spring, it’s the tradition to take a picnic and a bottle of sake to the park and enjoy its beauty, while getting slowly sozzled. Or you could have a bath instead. 

    In Stock

    L.L.14,000 / 200g

  • Secret Arts Jelly Bomb Quick View

    Secret Arts Jelly Bomb

    Spellbound bathing

    When you're feeling like going to the dark side, dabble in the dark arts, slither into a hot bath and cast this Jelly Bomb into the water. As tendrils of black give way to love potion pink, cinnamon leaf oil warms and stimulates. Jelly spreads on the surface of the water, softening skin as it goes. Uplifting and brightening Brazilian orange oil gives moods a boost and sweet almond essential oil helps to keep skin conditioned. Relax and restore yourself and rise anew from the cinders.

    In Stock

    L.L.20,000 / 0kg

  • Sex Bomb Quick View

    Sex Bomb

    Jasmine- clary sage and ylang ylang to make you feel like a love goddess. The power of these aphrodisiac oils lies in their ability to relax you at the same time as warming your heart and other body parts. The ancient perfumers of the Mediterranean knew a thing or two about lurve and we're using the methods they used thousands of years ago for the same results. Whether you want to be calm for a big night out or a quiet night in- prepare to detonate a Sex Bomb.

    In Stock

    L.L.15,000 / 200g

  • Sushi Bath Bomb Quick View

    Sushi Bath Bomb

    Sushi me rolling

    If it’s been a long day and your skin is in need of some sushi sustenance, roll into the bath for this naughty but rice treat. A moisturising middle sits in the centre of this bath bomb, melting into the water to hydrate your skin, while zesty Brazilian orange and Sicilian mandarin oil will leave you feeling soy good.

    In Stock

    L.L.13,000 / 0Each

  • Tender Is The Night Bath Bomb Quick View

    Tender Is The Night Bath Bomb

    Ode to a Nightingale

    Transform your bath into a swirling pool of pink pleasure, steeped in seductive essential oils to mesmerise the senses. Ylang ylang, a known aphrodisiac, tumbles into vanilla absolute to restore brightness and softness to skin, while floral jasmine absolute flirtatiously interweaves a deeper, sweeter note. Tender Is The Night is a riot of romance and sensuality.

    In Stock

    L.L.18,000 / 0Each

  • The Big Sleep Jelly Bomb Quick View

    The Big Sleep Jelly Bomb

    Time to hit snooze

    Slip into something more comfortable: your bath! When you're in need of some serious relaxation, grab this snoozy lullaby of lavender and tonka. Relax in the water, pop it in and soak under the skin softening jelly blanket. Chamomile calms the skin and the mood while neroli helps you feel uplifted. Sleep tight!

    In Stock

    L.L.20,000 / 0kg

  • The Comforter Bath Bomb Quick View

    The Comforter Bath Bomb

    Comfort blanket

    Fizzing fast to create fruity foam of purple, pink and white, this cloud-like ball of cassis will help you unwind before you hit the hay. A merry berry blanket of blackcurrant comforts and a burst of brightening bergamot oil refreshes and resets the mind. Meanwhile, soothing cypress oil ushers in a tide of comfort and joy.

    In Stock

    L.L.13,000 / 0Each

  • The Experimenter Quick View

    The Experimenter

    Original motion pictures

    ★ ADMIT ONE ★ (Oh, go on two then.) This is your ticket to your own bathtime motion picture. Lush brought you The Experimenter video, now we're giving you the chance to stage your own enthralling saga in real, full colour smell-o-vision. ★  If you're looking for adventure... you'll find it in The Experimenter, starring vibrant colour, popping candy and Fair Trade vanilla absolute from near the Rwenzori mountains in Uganda. An enigmatic and comforting romance of... deep, complex vetivert notes that enthrall your senses before creamy vanilla and tonka provide a sweet antidote. It's everything you've always wanted to do ... and with a plethora of five bright colours, it's the only one you'll ever want to do it with again.  ★ The most thrilling bath number ever staged. It's unbelievable, it's sensational, it's The Experimenter.     

    In Stock

    L.L.16,000 / 200g

  • Think Pink Quick View

    Think Pink

    Think fabulous

    Think reels of fabulous fuchsia, think streams of rose-coloured ink, think ribbons of tonka-rich water, think Funny Face, Vogue, and think pink! Slip into something more fabulous: a core of sweet magenta that unfolds like fine fabric into a most stylish bathing experience. Softening cornflour and luxurious vanilla combine in clouds of fragrant foam - a sensual and softening embrace. Allow sunny caramel top notes to carry you away on an air of sophistication. Lie back, relax, and dream of Hollywood

    In Stock

    L.L.15,000 / 210g

  • Under the Umbrella Tree Bath Bomb Quick View

    Under the Umbrella Tree Bath Bomb

    Take a walk through the Tibeta

    A wilderness is blooming inside your bathtub. It’s unkempt and uncultivated - nature at its most perfect and anarchic. A complex and meditative perfume invites you to take a walk on the wildside through unchartered territory of cedarwood and vetivert, through peaks of black pepper and foliage of rose. Discover obscure forests fed by monsoons and the mountain ranges of the Hindu Kush, imagined in technicolour scentscapes of cade, pine and grapefruit.   Umbrella unfurled and lowered about your body, envelop yourself in the serenity of the Tibetan plateau as essential oils and epsom salts effervesce. Inhale and exhale. Then, while your body rests, allow your mind to travel, drinking in the sight of the mountains and meandering through grass plains. Find respite in adventure.

    In Stock

    L.L.13,000 / 80g

  • Yellow Submarine Quick View

    Yellow Submarine

    We all bathe

    Why take a plane when you can take a submarine? Start off in the hustle and bustle of the city, submerge and let the waves wash over you, waking up on a tropical island with coconut scent gently blowing through the trees. A cocktail of Brazilian orange, lemongrass and coriander seed oil will enliven the senses and transport you to sunny shores, until pink and yellow sunsets ground you in the most spectacular bath. Who says bathing has to be boring? Bring some fun back to bath time! Gently lower onto the surface of the water and watch your submarine speed away leaving a soft frothy trail behind. Tired of playing with yourself in the bath? If you're the kind that likes to share your soaks then why not race an entire pack to see which one gets to the tap end first!?    

    In Stock

    L.L.15,000 / 125g

  • Yuzu and Cocoa Bath Bomb Quick View

    Yuzu and Cocoa Bath Bomb

    Yuz deserve it

    Swells of citrus collide with tides of chocolate in this fast fizzer’s wake, unleashing a tide of sweet comfort. Cocoa and tonka calm the skin and a zesty stress-relieving embrace of grapefruit and bergamot oils cleanse and brighten. Who wants strawberries and cream, when you can have Yuzu & Cocoa?

    In Stock

    L.L.13,000 / 0Each