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  • Big Quick View


      Shampoo Have a big hair day This is like having your hair lifted on a sea breeze We love salt on the hair because it’s great for giving volume. We experimented with it for a very long time before coming up with this, our ultimate salt shampoo.

    In Stock

    L.L.54,000 / 330g

  • Blousey Quick View


    Shampoo A shampoo for all the colours of the world. A rich moisturising wash that lets true colours shine through.  For damaged, bleached or naturally fragile hair. Colours of the world! Spice up your life! Yellow hair and purple too Colour for both me and you Bottle blonde or afro queen Natural to damaged and all that’s in between.

    In Stock

    L.L.79,000 / 240g

  • Curly Wurly Quick View

    Curly Wurly

      Shampoo   We’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts... and great bounce   Curly hair needs lots of moisturising – but no one wants their curls to feel heavy and weighed down. So the challenge for this shampoo was to make curls coil and bounce.

    In Stock

    L.L.48,000 / 220g

  • Cynthia Sylvia Stout Quick View

    Cynthia Sylvia Stout

      Shampoo Condition, body and shine for wavy, fluffy and frizzy hair. Cynthia Sylvia Stout is made with stout beer, which your great-grandmother probably used to make her hair shine. Stout contains protein and gives hair weight, smoothness and gloss. Excellent for hair which goes frizzy in the damp, Cynthia Sylvia Stout smells delicious, like a brandy, stout and lemon cocktail, and even makes curly hair shiny.

    In Stock

  • Daddy O Quick View

    Daddy O

    Shampoo A purple shampoo to stop blondes going brassy OK, we will confess. This is a completely self-indulgent product formulated by Mark, for Mark, when his hair went grey.

    In Stock

  • Fair Trade Honey Quick View

    Fair Trade Honey

    Shampoo For gorgeously soft, sexy shiny hair, who better than the birds and the bees to help us? Fairly Traded honey makes up more than half of this shampoo to replenish moisture and add shine, and there’s also beeswax and lots of floral essential oils to bring to mind a summer meadow. Honey really is the bees knees, which is why we've used plenty here: it’s self preserving, and a natural humectant, which helps your hair to attract and retain moisture.

    In Stock

  • I Love Juicy Quick View

    I Love Juicy

      Shampoo Juicy fruits to give you the freshest smoothie hair imaginable. For hair that needs a jolly good wash.  Do you use lots of different things on your hair through the week, and sometimes just need to get rid of all the build up? Or perhaps you’ve been doing things that have made your hair extra dirty? Then this shampoo is for you.

    In Stock

  • Jersey Bounce Quick View

    Jersey Bounce

    Bounce back

    Is it time for your hair to bounce back? This honey, linseed and sea salt shampoo is sure to get your hair into the swing of things. Fresh organic lemon juice, hand harvested sea salt and Fair Trade olive oil deliver bounce, shine and an extra bit of TLC to your hair. A trip into the shower with this shampoo is a great way to cleanse the scalp and strengthen your hair. A dose of Fair Trade olive oil will make it easier to comb and shiny to behold. A sumptuous, plumping shampoo for those who want to swing both ways. Lather up in wet hair, and ensure you massage this mineral-rich shampoo into the roots as well - glossy, voluminous hair starts with a healthy scalp!

    In Stock

    L.L.56,000 / 300g

  • Rehab Quick View


      Shampoo If you don’t have any Priory engagements, then why not spend a night in putting your hair into Rehab Hairspray, bleach, colours, styling products, ill health; these are all things that can really take a toll on your hair and leave it far away from its natural best. Rehab is about bringing your hair and scalp back to basics and repairing it with an array of lovely ingredients.

    In Stock