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  • Dirty Hair Styling Cream Quick View

    Dirty Hair Styling Cream

    Give your hair the up and down with our softening firm-hold cream. Cocoa butter and acrylates soften and coat your hair, while rosemary calms the scalp. This one is great for keeping your hair in place with a more natural look; it's fragranced with part of our Dirty perfume, so you can layer every part of your body with spearmint, tarragon and a breath of salt air. Who's this for? Dirty hair cream is ideal for people who like their hairstyle to be fairly rigid and unmoving throughout the day too – but with more of a wet look. Wax is not always the best option for some people's hair, so this is a lovely alternative. We use loads of moisturizing cocoa butter to make your hair easy to control and style, for Dirty boys on the go.

    In Stock

    L.L.30,000 / 100g

  • Hair Custard Hair Dressing Quick View

    Hair Custard Hair Dressing

    The proof is in the pudding...

    A supremely creamy tub of comforting vanilla pod infusion and exquisite argan oil, whipped up into a mouth-watering hair dessert. The proof is in the pudding (and in the layers of softening Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, beeswax and honey, of course). A mere trifle is all you need to lightly style, hydrate and perfume in one. Dab on wet ends or scrunch through dry hair for light hold and protective hydration. Perfume your hair with the rich, nostalgic fragrance of vanilla - it’s sweet enough to whet anyone’s appetite. Honey and Moroccan argan oil add moisture without weight, while beeswax gives texture and definition.

    In Stock

    L.L.48,000 / 100g

  • Queen Bee Quick View

    Queen Bee

    All the honeys

    Running the world can take its toll on hair. Make sure you wake up flawless every morning by locking in moisture with this heady rooibos, cinnamon and honey-packed balm. It's particularly great for keeping natural, curly or afro hair looking its best. However you style it, whether you twist, braid, steam or jump straight out of bed, this blend with nourishing almond oil is irreplaceable. Smooth over to keep hair healthy when it's under strain. You won't need much to do a lot. When you slip this on, you'll also be sweetly-fragrancing hair at the same time. 

    In Stock

    L.L.30,000 / 100g

  • R&B Hair Moisturiser Quick View

    R&B Hair Moisturiser

    Beat the hair blues

    R&B is made with an extremely rich blend of oils and butters to restore your hair to its natural beauty. We believe good hair starts at your roots, so we’ve added ingredients that work on calming the scalp. Not only does this hydrate your hair, it will also leave it softly perfumed with bay and orange flower absolute. Just scoop up as much as you need onto wet or dry hair to experience the benefits of a rich treatment on your hair.

    In Stock

    L.L.90,000 / 225g

  • Sea Spray Quick View

    Sea Spray

      Hair Mist There’s a sea mist rolling in – but this one leaves you fresh, uplifted and perfumed. A salty spritz that gives body, volume and hold.      

    In Stock

    L.L.45,000 / 100g

  • Sunny Day Spray Quick View

    Sunny Day Spray

    Under pressure?

      Sunny days Sweeping the clouds away On my way to where the air is sweet Does your smooth, shiny hair only last as long as good weather? There's no need to keep Jekyll and Hyde hair under your hat, try this anti-static, violet spray if frizz is stealing your hair's thunder. Hardworking ingredients such as honey and fresh lemon juice counter the static charge of frizziness, keeping your locks smooth and glossy for longer.

    In Stock

    L.L.45,000 / 100g