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Toothy Tabs

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  • Boom! Quick View


    Fully charged mouths

    Life is unpredictable, but with gunpowder tea and charcoal you can be sure of explosive freshness. Nibble one between your teeth for a blast of sea salt, aniseed and black pepper with the taste of spicy cola.

    In Stock

    L.L.26,000 / 50g

  • Brave Mouthwash Quick View

    Brave Mouthwash

    Wash the fear out

    If the stakes are high, but you’re stumbling over syllables, if your mouth is dry but your palms are wet - don’t hold your tongue; wash the fear out of your mouth with an anthem of fiery-fresh flavour. If it’s about to get heavy, embrace the intensity: a chorus of spicy antibacterial clove, long chewed in China to invoke bravery and refresh the breath; a tingly contradiction of ice cold, antibacterial menthol that makes waves, and the tangiest Brazilian orange to pack a punch - and then some. Regain your composure and get back in the hustle by washing away doubt and indecision.   Keep these fiery-fresh mouthwash tabs at hand for whenever you need a dose of courage. Nibble to break apart, swish with a little water to activate the fizz and spit, then step out feeling fearless to rejoin the game. Speak freely, act boldly; be steadfast and true. To love the game itself is a fine thing; it is loving the art you live by.

    In Stock

    L.L.23,000 / 45g

  • Dirty Toothy Tab Quick View

    Dirty Toothy Tab

    The filthiest way to get clean

    Squeaky clean teeth and spearmint fresh breath are a brush away. Wherever you go, these solid alternatives to toothpaste will keep you feeling cool, with kaolin powder, neroli and spearmint oils. If you're feeling dirty, keep it clean by nibbling a tab between your teeth and brushing all over.

    In Stock

    L.L.22,000 / 50g

  • Limelight Quick View


    Make an entrance

    All the world's a stage. Whether you're opening or closing the curtains, get ready for your big moment with zesty lime and lemon. This showstopping mixture with baobab fruit powder creates a fizzing, sherbet-like experience on the tongue. Make light work of your daily clean by nibbling one tab between the teeth before brushing thoroughly.    

    In Stock

    L.L.22,000 / 50g

  • Miles Of Smiles Quick View

    Miles Of Smiles

    Get minted

    Keep your mouth in mint condition. Cleansing kaolin and a triple whammy of minty goodness ensure this solid toothpaste will freshen up your mouth and make your teeth sparkle. For intensely icy airwaves, simply nibble one between your teeth and start brushing.    

    In Stock

    L.L.26,000 / 50g

  • Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster Quick View

    Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster

    This planet has - or rather had - a problem, which was this: most of the mouthwashes on it were rather boring, and had been for rather a long time. There was a largely unexplored space to fill, and the only way to fill it was to seek inspiration from the wider, largely unexplored, space around Earth itself. A shot of lemon oil offers warbling refreshment for the palate, quinine packs the same mouthwatering taste that’s found in tonic water, while aniseed and heaps of fizz give your mouth a feeling to remember. If you’re not currently having adventures with the ape-descended life forms of the little blue planet, it’s highly worth the hitchhike there to try this... After brushing your teeth with a Toothy Tab or Tooth Powder, pop one tab into the mouth and take a sip of water to start the fizz. Nibble and swish before spitting out. You can also dissolve a mouthwash tab in a small amount of water and rinse the mouth that way. They can also be used throughout the day whenever you fancy a bit of oral refreshment. Mouthwash tabs are a great final step in your oral routine both in the morning and in the evening. They do not substitute brushing or flossing. So, always clean your teeth with a product for this purpose.

    In Stock

    L.L.15,000 / 50g

  • Tooth Fairy Quick View

    Tooth Fairy

    Wish and swish

    Close your eyes, make a wish and swish. Magically clean, sparkling teeth are just a brush away with this mild, strawberry-flavoured tooth powder. Don't be fooled by appearances, the arrowroot powder, lemon oil and xylitol keep teeth - both big and small - healthy. The tooth fairy will be impressed with teeth at their best.

    In Stock

    L.L.22,000 / 45g