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Whole Oats

Whole Oats : Oat grass (Avena sativa) has been cultivated for its edible grain crop for thousands of years. Oat seeds dating back to 2000 years have been found in Egypt, although, these were probably from wild oats. Cultivation as a food crop started in Europe around the Bronze Age and then spread... Read more...

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Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao), Whole Oats (Avena sativa), Laureth 4 (Laureth 4), Walnut Oil (Juglans regia), Perfume (Perfume), Tangerine Oil (Citrus reticulata), Lavender Oil ((Lavandula angustifolia)), Sandalwood Oil (Santalum austro-caledonicum vieill), Frankincense Resinoid (Boswellia carterii), Rose Absolute (Rosa damascena), Elderflowers (Sambucus nigra), Daisy Flowers (Bellis perennis), Cowslips (Primula veris), *Geraniol (*Geraniol), *Limonene (*Limonene), *Linalool (*Linalool)

     Natural ingredients      Safe synthetics

Occurs naturally in essential oils

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Ceridwen's Cauldron

Bath  >  Luxury Bath Melts


Magical, relaxing melt for softer skin. It could be the ultimate bathing experience, but we won’t know that until we finish inventing them. For now, it’s as wonderful as you can get. Each melt is wrapped in muslin, dipped in wild flowers and tied with a ribbon. According to the spell it is based on, if you spit three times in the water, your wish will come true. Cocoa butter and walnut oil melt, frothing slightly, leaving you a muslin bag of whole oats to give your skin a soothing and gently scented scrub. It’s truly lovely.

L.L.21,000 / 80g

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