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Lemon Oil

Lemon Oil : Citrus limonum is a thorny, evergreen tree with irregular branches bearing shiny oval leaves. It produces white, pink-tinged strongly perfumed flowers, which turn into berries - the lemon fruit.  Lemon has existed for such a long time that its precise origins have become unclear; some claim the tree originated in... Read more...

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Sodium Bicarbonate (Sodium Bicarbonate), Citric Acid (Citric Acid), Popping Candy, Perfume (Perfume), Cream of Tartar (Tartaric acid), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (Sodium Laureth Sulfate), Lemon Oil (Citrus limonum), Bergamot Oil (Citrus aurantium bergamia), Jasmine Absolute (Jasminum grandiflorum), Water (Aqua), Cocamide DEA (Cocamide DEA), Lauryl Betaine (Lauryl Betaine), Propylene Glycol (Propylene Glycol), Gardenia Extract (Gardenia jasminoides), Citral (Citral), *Limonene (*Limonene), Linalool (Linalool), Colour 17200 (Colour 17200), Colour 45410 (Colour 45410), Colour 15510 (Colour 15510), Golden Glitter (Polyethylene terephthalate), Golden Lustre Sparkle (Golden Lustre Sparkle), Rice Paper (Rice Paper)

     Natural ingredients      Safe synthetics

Occurs naturally in essential oils

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Dragon's Egg

Bath  >  Ballistics


Run yourself the perfect temperature bath and get in. Take a moment to let go of the world outside your bathroom before launching your ballistic into the water and watching it fizz away.

Like an everlasting gobstopper, this ballistic keeps on revealing layer upon layer of surprises. It gives up its gifts in an unfolding drama, leaving you in a bath of molten gold. Along the way you will experience a firework display of colour, a fiery crackle of popping candy, a swirling landscape of creamy foam and a drift of paper dragon scales.

L.L.13,000 / 180g

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