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Quantitative Ingredients

We buy our ingredients from suppliers who do not test on animals

Maize flour (Zea mays), Glycerine (Glycerine), Talc (Talc), Water (Aqua), Corn oil (Zea mays), Polenta, Cinnamon Powder (Cinnamomum cassia), Perfume (Perfume), Gardenia Extract (Gardenia jasminoides), Popcorn

     Natural ingredients      Safe synthetics

Occurs naturally in essential oils

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Let the Good Times Roll

Face  >  Cleansers


This returning customer favourite is a sweet smelling facial cleanser with cinnamon and corn oil and has a delicious popcorn fragrance that will appeal to fans of our Popcorn lip scrub.
The polenta and maize fl our will gently exfoliate your skin, whilst cinnamon powder will stimulate and help raise your spirits. This leaves you looking great on the outside and feeling good on the inside. Originally planned as a Christmas product, Let The Good Times Roll has proved so popular that it’s now part of our all year round range of cleansers.

L.L.33,000 / 100g

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