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CBD afternoon bathing

4:20 pm

15$ /200g

Mood boosting Lemongrass soak


8$ /200g

Time for some vitamin sea

Big Blue

9$ /180g

Our darkest bath art yet…

Black Rose

12$ /Each

Warming, sensual floral comfort

Broken Heart

10$ /200g

Dreamy magnesium soak

Sold out

Deep Sleep

10$ /Each

Dragon's Egg

10$ /Each

See you on the high seas...Luffy!

Flame-Flame Fruit

13$ /200g

Bathing is believing

Sold out


17$ /Each

Hop into the Year of the Rabbit!

Gold Rabbit

12$ /200g

Refreshing, juicy, colourful

Sold out

Groovy Kind Of Love

12$ /Each

I'm going to become...King of the Pirates!!!

Gum-Gum Fruit

13$ /200g
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