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4:20 pm

570,000LL /200g
Bat Art bath bomb, sparkly and black in the shape of a bat with its wings outstretched.

Aura cleansing rosemary and sage

Bat Art

380,000LL /200g

Time for some vitamin sea

Big Blue

370,000LL /180g
Big Foot bath bomb, a blue and pink monster foot with three toes.

Milky, salt-rich hydration

Big Foot

340,000LL /200g

Our darkest bath art yet…

Black Rose

550,000LL /Each

A quacking good pick-me-up

Disco Duck

370,000LL /180g

Feel ready to soar

Sold out

Dragon's Egg

320,000LL /Each
Ghostie bath bomb, a white ghost, with two hands and a tail, with a ghoulish facial expression, red eyes and mouth.

Citrus boo to uplift spirits


340,000LL /200g


640,000LL /Each

Refreshing, juicy, colourful

Groovy Kind Of Love

550,000LL /Each
I Want My Mummy bath bomb, a white mummy with its arms out, 2 eyes peeking out from behind bandages.

Unwind with a sweet, calming soak

I want my Mummy

260,000LL /200g

Blast off into funky.

Sold out


460,000LL /Each
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