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Cooling peppermint magnesium remedy

After Magnesium

22$ /Each

Solid pit protection


18$ /100g

Ylang and cedarwood opulence

Sold out

Attar Massage Bar

28$ /Each

Motivational magnesium massage

Before Magnesium

22$ /Each

Firming and beautifying

Biomic Self Preserving Body Cream

From 26$ /100g

Lavender, chamomile and magnesium dream team

Deep Sleep Magnesium

22$ /Each

Soothe, calm and hydrate

Dream Cream

43$ /240g

Dream Cream Self Preserving

43$ /240g

I can't believe it's nut butter!

Handy Gurugu

25$ /100g

A miracle worker for overworked hands

Helping Hands

25$ /100g

Grounding orange, patchouli and fir for soft skin

Karma Kream

43$ /225g

A rich, multi-purpose butter

Lemony Flutter

21$ /50g
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