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BB Seaweed

630,000LL /Each

Sublimely hydrating and luxurious

Beauty Sleep

From 860,000LL /125g

I'd like to keep it on please!

Sold out

Catastrophe Cosmetic

720,000LL /Each

Combats troublesome spots, cleanses and cools the skin

Sold out

Cosmetic Warrior

820,000LL /Each

Cup o' Coffee

From 630,000LL /150g

Don't be shy, you'll like it!

Sold out

Don't Look At Me

720,000LL /Each

Mask of Magnaminty

From 630,000LL /125g

Hydrate, exfoliate and treat

Sold out


630,000LL /Each

Soothe skin from cheek to cheek

Sold out

Rosy Cheeks

630,000LL /Each
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