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Cooling peppermint magnesium remedy

After Magnesium

22$ /Each

Ylang and cedarwood opulence

Sold out

Attar Massage Bar

28$ /Each

Motivational magnesium massage

Before Magnesium

22$ /Each

Lavender, chamomile and magnesium dream team

Deep Sleep Magnesium

22$ /Each

Sweet, mood-boosting citrus

Each Peach Massage Bar

18$ /Each

Rejuvenating, calming moisture

Therapy Massage Bar

18$ /Each

Irresistible rose scented massage

True Romance Massage Bar

24$ /Each

Warming tonka and velvety vanilla

Turmeric Latte Massage Bar

20$ /Each

Oval Tin

9$ /Each

No more melting moments

Square Tin

9$ /Each

Lavender scented relaxation

Sleep Massage Bar

19$ /Each
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