A spritz of herbal mischief

Lord Of Misrule Body Spray

Revel in regeneration with this blend of mischievous black pepper, warm vanilla, and earthy patchouli fragrance. It's sure to leave

Space out with zesty citrus

Bubble Lugosi

15$ /Each
For mounds of skin-softening bubbles, you have to invite berry-scented Bubble Lugosi into your bathtub! Charge this glow-in-the-dark bubbler in

Scrubby peppermint and lavender brew

Sold out

Toil and Trouble

A real witches' cauldron, full of a spooky peppermint and lavender flower infusion brew, with an extra helping helping of

Sub-slime sparkling citrus

Sparkly Pumpkin Shower Slime

From 13$ /Each
Come back to life with this squeezable, squidgeable shower slime! The scent of sparkling citrus and spicy juniperberry oil will

Mischievous herbal lathers

Lord Of Misrule Shower Gel

From 16$ /Each
Get down and earthy with mischievous Lord of Misrule! Warming black pepper oil and the dark Sumatran patchouli smell combine,


A buttery popcorn fragrance

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Let The Good Times Roll body spray

Without meaning to be corny, this a-maize-ingly delectable aroma is guaranteed to hit your sweet spot. Scent Description: A mouthwatering fragrance

Cookie Dough

15$ /Each
If you’re a fan of getting your hand stuck in the cookie jar, get your fingers stuck into this cocoa

Key Lime Pie

16$ /Each
For lips as scrumptious as pie, oh my! This zesty lime treat is a crowd pleaser, filled with zingy citrus

Reward skin with lime luxury

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Lime Bounty

From 19$ /100g
Put the lime in the coconut and let your skin just drink it up! Indonesian coconuts are pureed, filtered, and drizzled

Thank you and goodnight

Sleepy Shower Cream

From 17$ /100g
Sleep, drift to sleep, Sweet tonka counts the sheep, Lavender shakes the dreamland tree, And from it fall sweet dreams for thee. After a

Summer Coolin' Lot!

Dirty Springwash SP

From 17$ /100g
A rapturous tingle of menthol crystals and a crisp breath of spearmint tempts like untrodden snow, galvanising you into action.

Lemon, lime and bergamot

Dad's Garden Lemon Tree

39$ /Each
A bittersweet citrus fragrance. Scent Description: Sunshine dances across the leaves as you linger under a lemon tree, reminiscing over a

Cleansing and refreshing

Tea Tree Water

From 17$ /100g
Keep skin clear and refreshed. Tea tree is antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial, so can help keep away the bacteria that

Classic, spicy, heady suds


13$ /Each
Lay down a lingering layer of our cult perfume, imparting the heady goodness of lemongrass, orange and patchouli straight to

Out of this world best seller


12$ /Each
Gently place into warm bath water to unleash a galaxy of refreshing peppermint oil, cobalt blue clouds and shimmering stardust.   Get
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