Mario Shower Gel

From 15$ /Each
Mamma mia! Lashings of fresh pomegranate juice and Persian lime oil combine to create lathers of fruity cola fragrance. Soften

Fresh, crisp, apple-scented showers

Luigi Shower Gel

From 15$ /Each
      Everyone's favourite brother gets a star turn in the shower! Green, clean (but never mean), this shower gel uses zesty

Princess Peach Shower Jelly

From 12$ /Each
Perfectly pink and packed with peach juice, this skin-softening shower jelly is filled with the power of soothing seaweed and

Warm and spicy showers

Bowser Shower Jelly

From 12$ /Each
Quell Bowser's fury with a spicy shower jelly that you'll just lava! A cunning combination of cosy cinnamon leaf oil,

Leaving Soon!

Sophisticated floral soaks


9$ /200g
Beauty in simplicity, Jasmine bath bomb is meant for gentle bathing. Ylang ylang oil and jasmine absolute embrace to create

Brew-tiful citrus bathing

Tea Party

9$ /200g
Welcome to the tea party! Tip me up and pour this perfect brew into your hot bath, lay back and

Rhubarb and mimosa lathers

Buzzy Mum Soap

12$ /80g
Lather up this brightly-scented cleansing bumblebee, and marvel at the silky feel that camelina sativa seed oil leaves on your

A groovy gift of six body beauties

Flower Power

72$ /Each
Time to enjoy a flower power shower with these six uplifting shower and body care beauties. Fill your Springtime shower

Take some time with two bathing treats

Just for You

20$ /Each
Take time to unwind, and pamper yourself with this delightful duo of floral scented and upliftingly citrus bath time treats. What’s
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