Celebrate Spring!


1,460,000LL /Each
Help troubled, dry skin become angelic by smoothing this light cream on your face daily. It's made of skin-soothing ingredients

Sweet, juicy spring cleanses

What's Up, Doc?

From 560,000LL /Each
Get ready to take a bite out of the day with this uplifting shower gel. Sweet and juicy, a perfect

Tropical, sweet shop suds

Sold out

Gummy Bear

400,000LL /75g
This vegan, skin-friendly shower jelly is packed with softening glycerine, creamy coconut milk and nutritious carrageenan extract. Scented like tropical

Wasabi Shan Kui

From 720,000LL /100g
Hey Kui, with the fine hair! This stimulating wasabi shampoo will turn on your follicles and promote great growth. A

Face Care 101

Bread winner-Baked the Movis way

Movis Individual Pieces

720,000LL /Each
"The breadcrumbs provide a very gentle exfoliation that doesn't damage delicate facial skin, and the scent is gentle, warm and

Tea Tree Water

From 480,000LL /100g
Keep skin clear and refreshed. Tea tree is antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial, so can help keep away the bacteria that

Ultra-simple, ultra-effective cleansing balm


From 720,000LL /45g
Based on an ancient Greek formula for cold cream, Ultrabland is beautifully simple and very effective. Made with almond oil,

Amazon Primer Facial Oil

800,000LL /Each
"Hailing from the tropical jungle of the Amazon, softening cupuaçu butter, moisturising murumuru butter and calming andiroba oil deliver intense

Tea Totaler Cleansing Balm

400,000LL /Each
Keep skin clear, calm and balanced with this blend of hardworking oils including castor oil, which works with the skin’s
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