Unleash the Mischief!

A spray bottle containing Lord of Misrule body spray, made of black Lush plastic.

A spritz of herbal mischief

Lord Of Misrule Body Spray

Revel in regeneration with this sweet, spicy blend. It's sure to leave you smelling sweet and feeling ready to party! Spritz on
Lord of Misrule, a circular swatch of shower gel that's dark green in colour.

Mischievous, herbal lathers

Lord Of Misrule

From 610,000LL /Each
Get down and earthy with mischievous black pepper and regenerative Sumatran patchouli whilst carrageenan seaweed softens the skin. Squirt it all
Tarantula shower jelly, a shiny black jelly spider with a smiley face.

Ahhh, it's a cherry wash wobbler!


610,000LL /Each
Softening cherry amaretto fragrance and studded with holographic rainbow glitter, heebie-jeebies are guaranteed! Wibble and wobble the whole jelly over
Toil and Trouble scrub, a black shower jelly bat sits on top of purple body scrub.

Scrubby peppermint and lavender brew

Toil and Trouble

910,000LL /225g
A witch’s cauldron of herbal shower scrub complete with jelly bats! Take a handful of this peppermint and lavender brew with

Face Care 101

Bread winner-Baked the Movis way

Movis Individual Pieces

820,000LL /Each
"The breadcrumbs provide a very gentle exfoliation that doesn't damage delicate facial skin, and the scent is gentle, warm and

Cleansing and refreshing

Tea Tree Water

From 550,000LL /100g
Keep skin clear and refreshed. Tea tree is antibacterial, antifungal and antimicrobial, so can help keep away the bacteria that

Ultra-simple, ultra-effective cleansing balm


From 820,000LL /45g
Based on an ancient Greek formula for cold cream, Ultrabland is beautifully simple and very effective. Made with almond oil,

For clear, cleansed skin

Tea Totaler Cleansing Balm

770,000LL /35g
How to use: Melt a little between your fingers before massaging over your skin or simply glide the bar over your

Helps fine lines do a disappearing act

Vanishing Cream

1,900,000LL /Each
This is a light, cocoa butter-free moisturiser that doesn’t sit on the skin or overload it. It vanishes completely, leaving
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