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Apple scented spring bathing

Atom Heart Mother

400,000LL /180g

Beit Eddine Lipstick

800,000LL /Each


480,000LL /180g

Rhubarb and mimosa lathers

Buzzy Mum

480,000LL /180g

Smoothing carrot oil & grapefruit

Carrot Stick

360,000LL /80g

For a subtle warm, bronze glow

Charisma Skin Tint

1,000,000LL /Each

A trio of bathers for the deepest sleep

Deep Sleep

1,310,000LL /Each

A quacking good pick-me-up

Disco Duck

320,000LL /180g

Easter Bunny

480,000LL /180g

Malted bergamot and sencha notes

Elephant In The Tea Room

480,000LL /180g

Set makeup and mattify skin

Emotional Brilliance

1,200,000LL /Each

Gentle, jet-black coverage

Eyes Right Mascara

1,240,000LL /Each
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