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A groovy gift of six body beauties

Flower Power

72$ /Each

Cooling peppermint magnesium remedy

Sold out

After Magnesium

18$ /Each

Ylang and cedarwood opulence

Sold out

Attar Massage Bar

23$ /Each

Avobath Candle


Motivational magnesium massage

Before Magnesium

18$ /Each

Big Blue Candle


Firming and beautifying

Sold out

Biomic Self Preserving Body Cream

From 41$ /225g

Power-up your gifting!

Question Block

8$ /Each

Rhubarb and mimosa lathers

Buzzy Mum Soap

12$ /80g

Refreshing, feel good citrus

Sold out

Celebrate Massage Bar

15$ /Each

Rich hydrating coconut and vanilla

Sold out

Coconut Drench Massage Bar

18$ /Each

Dreamy magnesium soak

Sold out

Deep Sleep

10$ /Each
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