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Beit Eddine Lipstick

530,000LL /Each

For a subtle warm, bronze glow

Charisma Skin Tint

530,000LL /Each

Set makeup and mattify skin

Emotional Brilliance

710,000LL /Each

Gentle, jet-black coverage

Eyes Right Mascara

830,000LL /Each

Fantasy eyeliner

710,000LL /Each

Softening, shimmery highlight

Feeling Younger Skin Tint

650,000LL /Each

Glow To Town

810,000LL /Each

Earthy patchouli and sunny orange

Good Karma... Everybody needs some

From 470,000LL /120g

Independent Eyeliner

710,000LL /Each

Lush Lashes

810,000LL /Each

Motivation eyeliner

710,000LL /Each

Bergamot, neroli and orange flower

Orange Blossom

8,000,000LL /Each
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