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Firming and beautifying

Biomic Self Preserving Body Cream

From 26$ /100g

Soothe, calm and hydrate

Dream Cream

43$ /240g

Dream Cream Self Preserving

43$ /240g

A fairy tale of sweet, moisturised skin

Once Upon A Time Body Lotion

From 21$ /Each

For softness and sweetness that lingers

Snow Fairy Body Lotion

From 21$ /Each

Grounding orange, patchouli and fir for soft skin

Karma Kream

43$ /225g

Reward skin with lime luxury

Lime Bounty

From 21$ /100g

Luxurious SPF 30, no expense spared!

Million Dollar

From 38$ /100g

Nutty and nice for sunkissed skin

Sesame Aftersun

From 26$ /100g

A sweep of herbal citrus


43$ /225g

For enviable skin

Sold out

Silky Underwear

25$ /Each


From 22$ /95g
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