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A skincare match made in heaven

Sold out

Angels on Bareskin

820,000LL /100g

As fresh as the sea

Sold out

Aqua Marina

720,000LL /100g

Argan Facial Oil

910,000LL /Each

Mermaid in Dorset

Sold out

BB Seaweed

630,000LL /Each

Sublimely hydrating and luxurious

Beauty Sleep

From 860,000LL /125g

Beit Eddine Lipstick

910,000LL /Each

A spicy aniseed cola blast

Sold out


540,000LL /Each

The sea breeze captured in a bottle

Breath of Fresh Air

From 550,000LL /100g

Vitamin C and charcoal

Sold out

Bright & Beautiful

1,030,000LL /100g

Sweeten your lips with a touch of candy

Sold out

Bubblegum Lip Scrub

520,000LL /Each

I'd like to keep it on please!

Sold out

Catastrophe Cosmetic

720,000LL /Each


1,640,000LL /Each
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