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A miracle worker for overworked hands

Helping Hands

From 3,440,000LL /100g

CBD infused wind down

Sold out

Joints CBD Massage Bar

3,440,000LL /Each

Grounding orange, patchouli and fir for soft skin

Karma Kream

From 6,580,000LL /225g

Meditative patchouli massages

Karma Massage Bar

2,960,000LL /Each

Takes care of the hard stuff

Lemony Flutter

From 3,160,000LL /50g

Dreamy lime and coconut cream

Lime Bounty

From 3,440,000LL /100g

A sweep of herbal citrus


From 6,070,000LL /225g

A minty treat for tired feet

Pink Peppermint

From 6,580,000LL /240g

Meditative floral moment

Power of Touch Massage Bar

4,000,000LL /Each

Scrub me like you do

Pumice Power

1,760,000LL /Each

Meditative floral moment

Purity and Clarity Massage Bar

2,960,000LL /Each

Repeat Balm

From 3,160,000LL /240g
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