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Blood Orange

From 530,000LL /Each


730,000LL /90g

Co Mingle

1,490,000LL /225g

If you like pina coladas...

Coco Loco

450,000LL /Each

You'll like it berry much

Sold out

Comfort Zone

200,000LL /Each

Dirty Springwash SP

From 550,000LL /100g

Refreshing lemongrass cleanse


From 570,000LL /Each

Happy Hippy

From 550,000LL /Each

A juicy, aphrodisiac cleanse

I can resist everything but Temptation

From 570,000LL /Each
Lord of Misrule, a circular swatch of shower gel that's dark green in colour.

Mischievous, herbal lathers

Lord Of Misrule

From 610,000LL /Each

Emerge from the shower charmed

Magic Crystals

From 990,000LL /225g

Bubbly, citrus shower cocktail


From 570,000LL /Each
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