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From 17$ /90g

Co Mingle

From 36$ /225g

If you like pina coladas...

Coco Loco

11$ /Each

You'll like it berry much

Sold out

Comfort Zone

7$ /Each

Dirty Springwash SP

From 15$ /100g

Warm and spicy showers

Bowser Shower Jelly

From 12$ /Each

Fresh, crisp, apple-scented showers

Luigi Shower Gel

From 15$ /Each

Mario Shower Gel

From 15$ /Each

Princess Peach Shower Jelly

From 12$ /Each

Don’t worry, be happy

Happy Hippy

From 13$ /Each

Emerge from the shower charmed

Magic Crystals

From 24$ /225g

Talkin' bout regeneration

Sold out


11$ /Each
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