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Feel blissful at bedtime

A French Kiss

450,000LL /Each

For comfort and creativity

Aliens & Monsters

820,000LL /Each

Our darkest bath art yet…

Black Rose

550,000LL /Each

Bright bathing

Sold out


480,000LL /Each

Magically soothed skin

Ceridwens Cauldron

540,000LL /Each

Bathing confectionary

Sold out

Creamy Candy

320,000LL /Each

Feel ready to soar

Sold out

Dragon's Egg

320,000LL /Each

Bathing is believing


640,000LL /Each

Refreshing, juicy, colourful

Groovy Kind Of Love

550,000LL /Each

Blast off into funky.

Sold out


460,000LL /Each

Fresh, fruity and cool

Ladybird Bubble Bar

550,000LL /Each

Sweets for my sweet

Sold out

Marshmallow World

330,000LL /Each
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