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A candy-sweet festive spritz

Snow Fairy Body Spray


Vibrant, fruity lathers

Berry Berry Christmas Shower Gel

From 18$ /Each

Soft and shimmering candy-scented skin

Fairy Dust

From 18$ /Each

A fairy tale of sweet, moisturised skin

Once Upon A Time Body Lotion

From 21$ /Each

For softness and sweetness that lingers

Snow Fairy Body Lotion

From 21$ /Each

Skin-softening scrubby bubblegum

Snow Fairy Foaming Scrub

From 25$ /Each

Earthy patchouli and sunny orange

Good Karma... Everybody needs some

From 19$ /120g

Dual-use sweetness for bath or oil burner

Snow Fairy Lush Melt


Zesty natural scrub

Sold out


From 29$ /330g

Snow Fairy-scented grooves

Groovy Fairy Bath Bomb

8$ /Each

A bewitching bathtime

Magical Santa Bath Bomb

11$ /Each

A citrus-scented bathtime huddle

Penguin Bath bomb

11$ /Each
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