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Saidoun Lipstick

3,440,000LL /Each

Replenishes thirsty skin

Skin Drink

8,150,000LL /Each

Harmonious and happy

Sold out

Skin's Shangri-La

3,380,000LL /Each

A soothing, calming cleanse

Sleepy Face Cleansing Balm

3,160,000LL /35g

Cleansing lemon and black pepper


2,240,000LL /Each

For clear, cleansed skin

Tea Totaler Cleansing Balm

3,160,000LL /35g

Treat and clear your skin with the power of nature

Sold out

Tea Tree Toner Tab

770,000LL /Each

Cleansing and refreshing

Tea Tree Water

From 2,400,000LL /100g

Ultra-simple, ultra-effective cleansing balm


From 3,440,000LL /45g

Helps fine lines do a disappearing act

Vanishing Cream

8,880,000LL /Each

Fruity melon buffing

Watermelon Lip Scrub

2,240,000LL /Each

Wing it

3,440,000LL /Each
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