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Apple-scented Spring bathing

Atom Heart Mother

1,680,000LL /200g

A zesty hug in the tub

Avo Cuddle

2,040,000LL /200g

Rhubarb and mimosa lathers

Buzzy Mum Soap

2,240,000LL /80g

Citrussy sweet celebratory scrub!


4,760,000LL /250g

See you on the high seas...Luffy!

Flame-Flame Fruit

2,390,000LL /200g

Sweet bathing flamboyance

Flamingo Egg

1,680,000LL /200g

A wondrous rainbow bathtime

Follow the White Rabbit

1,380,000LL /200g

Hop into the Year of the Rabbit!

Gold Rabbit

2,040,000LL /200g

Shimmering sweet caramel

Golden Egg

1,540,000LL /200g

I'm going to become...King of the Pirates!!!

Gum-Gum Fruit

2,390,000LL /200g

Tumble into sweet and fruity bubbles

Henny Penny

1,540,000LL /200g

Roar-freshing citrus-scented Fun

Here There Be Dragons

3,200,000LL /250g
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