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Aduki Beans

Aduki Beans

(Phaseolus angularis)

Aduki beans (Phaseolus angularis) are known as azuki, adsuki and asuki. They have been grown and eaten in both China and Japan for millennia, and they are known as ‘King of Beans.’

The English name – aduki – comes from the Japanese, ‘azuki,’ meaning good health.

The beans are dark red with a thin white line down the ridge. They have a nutty flavour, and can be prepared fresh, dried or mashed into a candied paste.

Ground aduki beans remove dead skin cells when used on the skin as an exfoliating powder. They polish the skin, leaving it healthy and renewed.

We use aduki beans dried, whole, or ground.

Ground aduki beans absorb excess dirt and oils from the skin in our Mask Of Magnaminty face and body mask.

In our Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar, the aduki beans are like firm fingertips working to relieve muscle pain and tension. They help to stimulate areas where circulation is slow and work well with the warming effects of the other ingredients.