Keeping your hair hydrated and your scalp satisfied is easy with just a few simple steps and a little bit of science. So sit back, and the hair necessities of life will come to you, they’ll come to you…

The life of a hair strand

Weather, be it wind, rain or the sun’s rays, can affect how hair looks, feels and behaves. But why? Well, in the case of sun it all comes down to cuticles. So buckle up for a little bit of a science lesson.

Your hair strands are made up of the inner cortex, which is packed with protein and pigment, and protected by an outer layer called the cuticle. A cuticle that lies flat usually means the strands are healthy, however the sun or heat from styling tools can result in raised and open cuticles. This allows UVA and UVB rays from sunlight to penetrate the cortex, resulting in dehydrated hair. The sun also acts as a natural bleach, which affects the hair’s protein, reducing its elasticity so that it can break more easily. That’s when the split ends start. But no fear, using the right hair care can ensure you maintain a happy and healthy summertime style.

Head turning condition

Hair conditioners and treatments work to smooth the cuticle layer of the hair strand and add moisture back into it – leaving it extremely soft, bright and healthy. If your hair is feeling particularly delicate from the sun, the lavish essential oils and butters found in conditioners and treatments can be ideal remedies. In particular, it’s important to condition the ends of your hair as often as possible; this part of the hair strand is prone to damage as it’s older and and has lived through multiple summers.

Rich conditioners like American Cream help to seal your cuticles and retain moisture – ensuring that hair remains glossy and hydrated. American Cream is a deep conditioning smoothie of cleansing fresh strawberries, moisturising honey and aromatic vanilla pod to give the hair a kick of innocent sweetness.

For finer hair that appreciates a lighter touch, Retread hair conditioner offers protection from the sun, as well as stunning softening powers. With a high concentration of moisturising agar agar, organic avocado and extra virgin olive oils, this midweight conditioner wraps itself around each strand to protect the cuticle from damage while locking in the moisture from other ingredients.

Additionally, if your hair is feeling fragile from a day in the rays, a rich hot oil treatment such as Damaged could help replenish and hydrate those sun kissed strands. Moisturising olive oil, soothing almond oil and conditioning avocado are rich, natural ingredients that lock moisture into the hair and scalp. What’s more, sea salt has been added into the mix to lift the hair and give extra volume to your do.


SOS scalp

Hats provide the ideal protection from the sun, but if you find that your scalp is suffering from irritation, a peppermint packed treatment could be your best friend. The heat can often increase the amount of oil the scalp produces or dry out the scalp; this is where reviving mints and moisturising oils can help.

Pry open a pot of Roots, a pre-wash scalp treatment, to unleash a blend of menthol magic. Fresh mint infusion and spearmint oil soothe, while also stimulating hair follicles and boosting blood circulation to promote healthy hair growth. Honey helps to retain moisture ensuring your scalp is deeply hydrated, as a splash of extra virgin olive oil strengthens new hair at the root to limit future breakage.  

For even more scalp-soothing goodness, cook up a spearmint storm with Yuge hot oil treatment. Organic jojoba and restoring olive oil naturally moisturise, while marvellous mint will revive the scalp. As these lavish ingredients work their magic, mineral-rich coarse sea salt helps to add volume to help you achieve your perfect finish.

Shine like a star

A bright purple shampoo may seem daunting but don’t sweat it – Daddy-O is the perfect potion to help brighten those locks. Remember the cuticle from our science lesson? Lemon and organic lime juices allow the cuticle to lie flat and reflect more shine, resulting in beautifully glossy hair. As well as being deeply cleansing and toning, Daddy-O is extremely softening with seaweed infusion and coconut oil; adding moisture back into the cuticle to set you off on your next summertime adventure with a healthy head of hair.

Complement Daddy-O with an intensive hot oil treatment Marilyn to enhance lighter hair and reduce any unwanted brassy tones. What’s more, calming chamomile will soothe your scalp and make your moment in the spotlight a whole lot brighter.

Style it

Summer is the ideal time to experiment with your style – whether you’re jamming at a festival, hitting the beach, or throwing a BBQ for friends, there are loads of hairdos to play with.

Packed with luscious ingredients from the deep blue, Sea Spray can help you embrace a sea-kissed mane. Fresh seawater and sea salt are mother nature’s way of volumizing your locks, and a stress-free way to achieve a messy, beach look. With luxurious essential oils like grapefruit, neroli and rosewood, your summer style will not only look great but smell divine too.

Fall crazy in love with your hair with Queen Bee. Invented with afro and curly hair in mind, this versatile hair honey is the bee’s knees; packed with Zambian fairly traded honey which locks in moisture from argan and moringa oil, as well as Fair Trade organic cocoa butter. It’s a package-free solid, so simply pick a piece off, melt the stunning ingredients between your fingers and apply onto hair to either style your summer fro or add a top up of moisture to thirsty curls.



Vanja Stojanovic