Lush Gifting guide

We know it’s hard to get just the right gift for the right person and choosing the best vessel to deliver your message can be painstaking. So no matter the scent, colour, feeling and message you like we created this all in one guide to help you choose the perfect gift box for all your loved ones this season! We’ll go through different packages with different products that fit every person and all you have to do is choose whatever fits your gifting best!

Relaxing gifts, soothing, take a break

Anytime is the best time to take a small break from the world, pop in a hot bath, enjoy a shower and pamper yourself, and if that’s what you’re looking for (or if you know of someone that needs it) then this is the section for you! A collection of pre packed boxes, ready to go, for you to send the most caring message. You can start off with “The Night Before Christmas” and as sure asThe night before Christmas gift box pictured with its contents, Reindeer bubble bar and shoot for the stars bath bombs on top Santa’s flying across the skies on his way to your chimney, the box’s collection of two dreamy skin-softening bath products will settle your mind and ensure a restful evening’s sleep! If you fancy a trip to a vintage holiday town, then set up the mood and turn your loved ones “Christmas Wishes'' into reality. With a comforting pair of soap and body lotion, with jolly jostles of spicy orange and woody suds of “Golden Linseed Soap” while our best selling “Dream Cream” lotion soothes and protects!

Help your beloved tuck their own sleepy bears off to the land of nod with “Sleepy Bear”. A snoozy quartet of some of our favourite relaxing products, lavender and tonka take the lead with a three bath product set accompanied by our “Twilight Shower Jelly”. If you or your cubs are too excited to sleep before the big day, this gift puts you to bed.

  Care to deliver your dearest’s “Best Wishes” with our quintessentially Christmassy gift, allow them to soak in sumptuous relaxing scents with four classic bath and body products for the ultimate winter skin treat! While busy at our Lush Christmas headquarters, someone asked what do you get when you combine two products; the serene lavender scent of our best-selling all-year-round Sleepy, with three of the sweet, bubblegum-fragranced festive favourite Snow Fairy? A match made in Lush heaven, “Christmas Bliss”! This gift set covers all bases from head to toe, including shower gels, body scrub, body lotion, and a soap to lather up with! Get ready for the ultimate “Golden Slumber”, with five magical products, soothing lavender and caramel scents, you only need this to feel calm and restored.

Drift away on a journey to a magical “Dreamland” with the help of these Sleepy-scented products and soothing Lush spa music, which plays from this wind up musical tin! The fusion of calming lavender and sweet tonka aromas in these six bath, body, and shower products will leave you feeling blissfully tranquil. Wind up the lid and whimsical harmonies inspired by the Lush Spa soundtrack ‘Woodlark’ will play as the snow globe turns, transporting you along a journey into calm.

Reuse again and again as a beautiful bedtime essential that will help you find little moments of calm all year round. Looking for more options? we got you!

Protecting Your Hair | The LOC Method

Sarah Sango is an afro hair consultant at the Lush HairLab, a salon like no other, where groundbreaking products for all hair types are created every day. With an incredible 19 years of experience in the hairdressing industry, as well as a passion for client care and interaction, Sarah has contributed her skills and expertise in afro hair to Lush HairLab to help develop inclusive and effective products   The LOC method The ultimate nourishing and protecting routine for your afro curls and coils, LOC is an abbreviation for “Liquid, Oil & Cream”. This method involves applying three products in a particular order onto freshly washed hair. You can follow by twisting or braiding the hair strands together, for a protective style, or just leave to air dry. This method helps to lock moisture into curls, leaving hair thoroughly moisturised. “L” Liquid Begin by spraying Super Milk generously throughout hair, ensuring roots to ends are covered. This can be done after sectioning the hair into 4 or 6 sections, or simply sprayed throughout. Feel your hair soften thanks to the combination of Oat, Almond and Coconut milk and enjoy the sweet scents of tonka and vanilla absolute. Work product through with fingers or use a wide tooth comb to distribute evenly, starting at the ends and working towards the roots. “O” Oil Now it’s time for the oils! Treat yourself and your hair to Renee’s Shea Souffle, lovingly created by Sarah herself inspired by her Sister Renee's homemade recipe. This lovely blend of shea butter, avocado oil and extra virgin coconut oil provides a delicious smelling hydration. Take a generous scoop, rub oils throughout hair and comb through from ends to roots. These oils can also be applied to and massaged into the scalp to soothe any irritation or dryness. “C” Cream Lock that moisture in with the mighty Curl Power. A curl cream packed with conditioning ingredients to perfect your style, from protective linseed gel to the shine-inducing lanolin both perfect at sealing your curls natural shape. Apply a generous amount to sections of the hair starting from the nape of your head working towards the top. Packed with Molasses, this humectant filled product can assist your twists, braids, bantu knots, or even a natural Fro- as the rich blend of argan, coconut and jojoba oils and cocoa butter will keep it moisturised. You can knot wrap your hair in a scarf made from either satin or a silky material to ensure that it does not absorb any product and your curls get all the hydration they need. Wear until you are ready to style your hair. Why not select one of our lovely vintage Knot Wraps to do the trick? If after two to three days hair is calling for more moisture, no need to wash your hair! Just revitalise your style by applying the LOC method again. This article is by Polina Atabekian, Revised by Sarah Sango & Kayleigh Hill, Sept 2020  

Night time Skincare Routine: Cult Classics

However you like your skin to feel when you wake up, this bedtime skincare routine contains our best-selling products, gentle enough for all skin types. Step 1: First Cleanse Take the day off with Ultrabland Cleansing Balm, containing soothing rosewater and vitamin e rich almond oil. Most effective when removed with warm water and a cloth. "This stuff is perfect, it’s plain and simple and calms my skin after a day of make up." Devinese2 | Ultrabland review Shop Ultrabland Cleansing Balm Step 2: Second Cleanse Next, gentle exfoliation with Angels on Bare Skin Fresh Cleanser. Take a pinch and add water, working it into a soft paste to let the ground almonds gently stimulate circulation, while lavender oil balances and calms. Kaolin clay will make sure your skin is deeply cleansed. ‘This makes my skin feel so good I look forward to using it everyday. I’ve never used a cleanser that made my skin feel so healthy before.’ Kuroyami | Angels on Bare Skin review Shop Angels on Bare skin Face Cleanser Step 3: Mask Because we’re a little bit extra, we recommend a mask two to three times a week and Mask of Magnaminty is our customers’ favourite. Deeply cleansing, smooth on a generous layer and let stimulating peppermint oil and antiseptic honey get to work. "I've been using this mask for a year and I'm obsessed with how it leaves my skin after I use it. It leaves my skin feeling fresh, renewed and clean." dhritithakkar6_6905323 | Mask of Magnaminty review Shop Mask of Magnaminty Face Mask Step 4: Tone Eau Roma Water face toner contains calming rose water and balancing lavender water, perfect before bed. Use it for a quick, refreshing spritz or to remove any traces of your face mask or cleanser. Really nice toner, light weight, hydrating, calming and balancing my skin Tifany Rg |Eau Roma Water review Shop Eau Roma Water Step 5: Deeply condition Full Of Grace Solid Face Oil is filled with mineral rich portobello mushroom and protecting murumuru butter which offer a deeply moisturising experience (packaging free too!). Simply sweep over your face and massage, leaving skin feeling renewed without heaviness. Oh..I am in LOVE with this amazing serum bar on my face! I was advised to used it as a night treatment and this is how I use it. it's so amazing that I know now that I found my new best friend or my skin found it! MissAnya | Full of Grace review Shop Full Of Grace Step 6: Moisturise Soothing Fresh Dove Orchid Extract in our cult moisturiser, Celestial, makes for a perfect night face cream. Coupled with almond oil and vanilla water, it’s the stuff of dreams. And remember, a little goes a long way. "Absolutely loving this as a night cream. It's not too heavy nor too light. Just right! I noticed a huge difference after one night's usage. Highly recommended! ...this mild scent from Celestial is divine for people who are highly sensitive to scents." leekershin | Celestial moisturiser review Shop Celestial P.S. Don’t want the fun to end? Sleepy Body Lotion rounds off the routine perfectly. Sweet tonka and soothing lavender are perfect before bed.

Are you the sensitive type? Products to suit sensitive skin

Are you feeling delicate? It's okay, we all do from time to time. Take care of sensitive skin with these gentle products. There are a number of reasons why we can experience sensitive skin. Conditions like eczema, contact dermatitis and rosacea can mean that skin is easily irritated. Dry skin often feels tight or sore, and excessive exposure to environmental factors like sun, wind and heat can also leave skin feeling unhappy. Sensitive skin typically reacts to irritants by flushing, stinging or burning. As everyone’s skin is different, it’s impossible to guarantee that a particular product won’t cause irritation but customers with sensitive skin can in fact use a lot of products in the Lush range, as they are freshly made and don’t use many of the synthetic ingredients which are considered common allergens. Fortunately, there are lots of natural ingredients which have anti-inflammatory properties. These products, specially formulated with sensitive skin in mind, can help to soothe irritation and relieve itching, leaving skin soft and comfortable. If you’re struggling to find the perfect products to soothe your skin, here’s a guide to the most calming ingredients and where to find them… Aloe vera Aloe vera is a desert plant which is prized for its healing qualities. The fleshy leaves contain a clear gel, which is used to soothe and cool irritated or unhappy skin. Aloe vera gel and extract can be found in Skin Drink facial moisturiser, which also contains avocado, sesame oil and rose petal infusion to calm and protect the skin. For an intensive treatment, Aqua Marina fresh face mask contains a blend of soothing aloe, seaweed, calamine powder and Irish moss gel all well-known for their calming properties. Cosmetic Lad facial moisturiser has been specially formulated for men who shave (but can be used by anyone). It contains aloe to soothe skin and lavender honey water to heal and hydrate. Chamomile Chamomile, another natural anti-inflammatory, helps to calm the skin and speed up the healing process. You’ll find chamomile blue oil, oat milk and rose water in Dream Cream hand and body lotion, which gives great relief from skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. Dream Cream also comes in a self-preserving version making it even better for skin sensitive to synthetic preservatives. Chamomile is also found in Dreamtime bath oil which helps to soothe and condition the skin with Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and lavender oil. If your hands are sore, Helping Hands hand cream is made with soothing chamomile water, Fair Trade shea butter and honey to help soften and soothe hard working hands. Oatmeal Oats have been used to cool and calm the skin for thousands of years. They have an anti-inflammatory effect, which can help to relieve itching and calm allergic reactions. When infused in water, oats produce oat milk, which is also used in many Lush products. If you're looking for a oat-so-simple oat milk embrace, Oaty Creamy Dreamy shower cream offers skin a hydrating hug that you can count on to soothe and satiate skin. Or, if you're looking for the perfect night's sleep, Sleepy Shower Gel blends calming lavender oil and tonka absolute with a decadent oat milk base for a peaceful lather you'll want to snuggle up with. So that's the shower sorted, but what about if you fancy a soak and a pamper? Ceridwen’s Cauldron bath melt works wonders on unsettled skin and turns your bath water into a softening, milky lagoon. Honey Honey is a natural antiseptic, antibacterial, antioxidant and antifungal. It is also a humectant which means it attracts and retains moisture in the skin, therefore making it a gentle but effective moisturiser. Ultrabland cleanser is the perfect choice for easily irritated skin - this ultra-gentle blend of almond oil, rose water, beeswax and honey can be removed with a damp cloth after massaging into skin. Honey I Washed The Kids soap is gentle enough even for young skin, thanks to a blend of soothing honey and aloe vera and the Fresh Face Mask Brazened Honey, with enriching honey and enzymic fresh organic lime juice revitalise the skin and give you a radiant glow. Cocoa butter Cocoa butter melts at body temperature, making it easy to massage in, leaving skin supple, smooth and moisturised. Sympathy For The Skin body lotion contains a light blend of Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, bananas and almond oil soften and vanilla pod infusion to soothe. It also contains sandalwood, which is anti-inflammatory and cooling, so it’s good for those who may be eczema-prone. Celestial facial moisturiser was formulated especially to help soothe and calm. It contains Fair Trade organic cocoa butter, fresh dove orchid extract, almond oil and almond milk to keep skin moisturised and protected. To get the best results from all of these products, remember to treat your skin gently: avoid scrubbing, use lukewarm water rather than very hot or very cold, and protect your skin from the sun.

Clean as a whistle: Why cleansing is key to healthy skin

Micellar water, sheet masks and more - an increasing number of skincare launches means there’s constant incentive to switch up our complexion staples for something newer and shinier that promises miracles. But is having a skincare routine that’s as chaotic as your bathroom cabinet really the secret to a perfect complexion? While it might not be the most exciting product in your skincare repertoire, Lush co-founder and product inventor Helen Ambrosen believes that the single most important step in your routine is your cleanser. “If you can get skin cleansing right, it’s a real gateway to good skin,” she explains. “That’s my number one premise. Once you find the right cleanser for you, it enables your skin to feel healthy and function well and for it to look as good as it can do.” But effective cleansing isn't about finding the strongest cleanser possible. Instead, it’s a delicate balance between removing residue, sweat and cosmetics and not interfering with the friendly bacteria unique to your skin AKA your microflora. Meet the family: Microflora You might not have heard of microflora before, but behind the scenes these bacteria are hard at work protecting your skin from pathogens. Each person receives their microflora from the birth canal and the people they have contact with during their first week of life. This forms your skin’s immunity: a defence system that can wipe out unfriendly microorganisms that land on the skin in 20 minutes. In fact, keeping your microflora fighting fit is just as key to a healthy complexion as cleansing, toning and moisturising. Products with high levels of preservative do not distinguish between your microflora and invading bacteria and instead simply eradicate both - wiping out your skin’s natural defences. It’s just one of the reasons Lush cleansers use plenty of fresh, natural ingredients and very few or no preservatives. Many spots are the result of a confrontation between your microflora and infections that attack the skin. Lush co-founder and product inventor Mark Constantine explains: “Imagine the skin as a big traditional Christmas cake, with loads of currants and fats and bits and bobs inside, then a layer of marzipan which creates a layer of icing on the surface. All of the guts are down in the main part of the cake, and then the cells from the marzipan migrate to the surface and desquamate [come off in scales or flakes]. It’s the way the skin keeps healthy. “If you imagine putting your finger in the cake - that’s a hair follicle. A little bit of that dermal capillary goes deeper in. Now, the finer that hole, the more prone you are to spots. So, if you’ve got fairly fine skin that’s a little bit prone to irritation, the entrances to the hair follicles close over. Now, you may be covered in friendly microflora, but in the bottom of that hair follicle are some not-so-kind organisms that start to reproduce the minute the skin closes over. These are pathogenic and they cause a reaction. When your white blood cells go in to clean it up, you end up with pus in a spot because that’s the dead matter of the two fighting it out. What this means is it’s vitality important to clean the skin in as gentle a way as possible. One of the reasons you don’t want high levels of preservative in your products is that you don’t want to put something on your skin that will kill off all your microflora.” How does this translate into skincare? It means that the most effective cleansers will remove all traces of makeup, pollution, sunscreen and anything else that’s accumulated on the skin with minimal disturbance to the microflora protecting you from pathogens. Lush co-founder and product inventor Mo Constantine explains: “In some creams there’s five or more preservatives and that’s a lot to put on your skin. It’s a minefield really so we try to keep it as simple as possible at Lush.” Ditch the dirt (and the makeup) With this in mind, forget a quick sweep over the skin with the makeup remover wipes left next to your bed, Lush skincare experts advise taking makeup and dirt removal much more seriously. Helen explains: “The danger is that if you’re not taking your makeup off fully, the skin is still dirty and then makeup is going back on top of unclean skin. If you’re wearing makeup to cover a spot in the first place, this escalates the problem.” And, disregard any prejudices you may have towards oil-based cleansers (accentuated by the rise of ‘oil-free’ branding), all firmly agree that they’re the best way to initially remove dirt and makeup, even for skin which tends to be shiny. “Cleansing with oil lifts the dirt off the skin and leaves it very soft,” Helen explains. “If you have dry skin, this will often be enough. If you have oily skin, products with oil are great to prepare the skin for a more in-depth cleanse with an exfoliator like the cleansing rolls by removing makeup or dirt.” For the ultimate deep clean, turn to Ultrabland: Lush’s cult cleansing favourite. An emulsion of water in almond oil, (known as a cold cream), Ultrabland also contains honey, glycerine and beeswax: humectants that attract oil and consequently draw dirt and makeup away from the skin. With added Turkish rosewater to soothe and calm, it’s a rare example of a product that’s deep cleansing but incredibly gentle on your skin. So gentle in fact, that Mo hasn’t used any other cleanser on her skin for about 22 years. She says: “I have very intolerant skin and so I use Ultrabland and that’s it. In fact, in my youth, Mark invented this beeswax and almond oil cleanser for me especially because I had such dry and sore skin.” Recent addition to the cleansing family, Like A Virgin offers another choice to cold cream fans. This solid, naked and vegan incarnation of the traditional cold cream recipe is made with 50% extra virgin olive oil, jojoba oil (a liquid wax renowned for its compatibility with the skin’s sebum), candelilla wax and a dash of lemon myrtle oil to lift away dirt. Product inventor Ale promises, “Oils are the perfect medium to dissolve residue makeup and excess oil and Like A Virgin removes everything, including eye makeup.” The art of exfoliation Once you’ve removed your makeup or initial dirt, you may like to exfoliate. Exfoliating boosts circulation, gets rid of dead skin cells and brightens the complexion, giving you a coveted healthy glow. But when it comes to polishing, no one scrub fits all. Lush co-founder and exfoliating enthusiast Rowena Bird has some tips. “You have to have the right size grain of exfoliant otherwise it doesn’t do the job. If it’s too big, you’re just chasing the granules around the skin. When it’s small enough, you can have a good scrub. Then you come down to how hard it is. If it’s really hard, like salt, you’re going to get a really good scrub. But if you’ve got more sensitive skin, you need a gentle scrub like the ground almonds in Angels On Bare Skin. It’s about looking at our collection of scrubs and then finding the grade and size that suits your skin.” Finding what works for you, is all about listening to your skin. Ro explains: “Everybody needs to do what their skin wants it to do. Some skins do not want a strong, salty scrub like Ocean Salt. Some skins do. You may want to exfoliate once a day or once a week. It’s about being aware of your skin and listening to it. What you put on your skin is as important as what you put in your body.” A note on soaps If your skin tends to err on the drier side, chances are you steer clear of soaps. But if you have a complexion that feels oilier, the desire for that squeaky-clean feeling can have you reaching for a bar. But both Mo and Helen have a word of caution. “Oily skin does need to be treated in a kind way, rather than just drying it out with soap,” the former explains. “Soaps, I think, should be a last resort when it comes to washing your face because they are pretty stripping. I would never recommend any kind of soaps for face but we have made an offering for those who do with the Coalface and Fresh Farmacy which are as mild as you can get really. “Fresh Farmacy is about 40% clay, with lots of calamine powder too, so you’re not going to get a high lather but you are going to get a delicate clay cleanser wash. Coalface is charcoal and clays and ever so slightly medicating - so gentle you’d barely notice you’d used it. You can use these on any part of the body. Like I say, I don’t recommend using soap on the face, but if you are going to do it use something that’s sympathetic to your skin. Muds, clays, sands - you can clean your skin with all kinds of things other than soap.” Helen adds: “Oily skin is so delicate - it’s only people’s attitudes towards it that leads to them punishing it. That’s where our philosophy of ‘how do you want your skin to feel today’ came from. Because a lot of how you want your skin to feel depends on how you feel on that day in yourself.” Getting it right Forget the myth that a really efficient cleanser can initially break you out in spots thanks to all that extra dirt it’s removing, Helen says that’s simply not the case. She explains: “If you’ve got a cleanser that isn’t right for you, what will often happen is that it will overstimulate the skin. Very often you will see someone with just one spot but otherwise clear skin. What’s often happening there is that the cleanser they are using is too strong for them so the skin protects itself by swelling a little bit and then it becomes very easy for a follicle to get trapped and then for that to turn into a spot. This is what often happens to people who have generally good, not difficult skin. They overstimulate it. If you’ve got a cleanser like that, then for a couple of days your complexion might look really vibrant but then your skin starts to think ‘I really don’t like this’. It’s telling you it needs something gentler.” Treat cleansing as an essential, not a chore, put the effort into doing it thoroughly but gently and Helen is confident that your skin is sure to reap the benefits. “Your skin does change throughout your life,” she says “but if you’ve got your cleansing routine right, it shouldn’t have to change that much, unless your skin requires very particular care. If you can sort your skin out with the right cleanser and get it really settled, then you can get the very best out of it.” Who knew the humble cleanser could be the key to healthy, contented skin? Get back to basics and find your perfect cleanser and scrub here.

Our best skin care tips for winter

As the chillier weather sets in, the mad dashes from the comfort of cozy beds, through chilly hallways, and into steamy-shower-salvation begin. The morning routine can become somewhat torturous, and it’s not just our moods that can suffer from the drop in temperature - our skin can too. Fear not, with just a few tweaks to your products, some cold weather skin care tips and a little extra TLC, your skin will be glowing like you’ve taken a five-week-sabbatical in the Bahamas. So, read on to rejuvenate and celebrate your great skin. Your new best friend? A gentle cleanse. When it comes to cleansing in cold weather, a gentle formula helps to prevent that unpleasant, tight skin feeling. Ultrabland is based on an age old, Greek formula and contains minimal ingredients, meaning you can enjoy a deep but delicate cleanse without stripping the skin of its natural defences. A stunning combination of hydrating almond oil, soothing rose water and beeswax - Ultrabland will cling to any impurities as it contains antibacterial honey. The rich, melty texture of this cleanser makes it wonderfully warming and comforting in cold weather. Simply apply all over the skin and then remove with either a warm cloth or cotton pads. If you’re pressed for time, then try 9 to 5 - the ultimate essential in a low maintenance skincare regime. Scented with sweet and floral ylang ylang, this cleanser will bring back a little sunshine on grey days. Fresh dove orchid extract helps to delicately purify the skin, while almond oil is full of conditioning vitamin E, which acts as a cleansing agent. Its gentle nature means that 9 to 5 is ideal for skin that craves a delicate touch and is perfect for removing makeup. Apply a couple of drops to a clean face cloth or cotton pad and smooth over your face to leave it soft and clean. Scrub up well It’s no secret that regularly exfoliating can help to brighten the skin. Scrubbing up a couple of times a week will boost blood circulation and help you to regain radiance. Shake off the winter blues with Let The Good Times Roll. This mild maize flour exfoliator has a sweet, butterscotch scent and contains corn oil, a rich source of hydrating linoleic acid and protective vitamin E. Cinnamon, a natural antibacterial, adds an aromatic twist to this comforting scrub and aids blood flow to the surface of the skin, giving you a smooth and glowy finish. Pinch a little from the pot and rub into a paste in the palm of your hand using a little warm water. Then simply spread over your face using circular motions and rinse away with warm water. You’ll be a-maized by the results! The best thing since sliced bread - Movis is a doughy facial soap with a gourmet base of extra virgin coconut and sunflower oil which froths into hydrating suds when rubbed between your palms. Wheatgerm oil and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter deeply moisturise, while wholemeal bread buffs to achieve perfectly polished and rejuvenated skin. Time to tone! Spending more time in air conditioned rooms or out in crisp winds can leave our skin feeling more sensitive than usual. Toners can help moisturisers to penetrate the pores further for extra hydration and will leave your skin feeling seriously clean. Just a spritz of Eau Roma Water will help balance complexions. This delicately floral toner water contains soothing rose and pacifying lavender to revitalise and even out skin tone. Spray onto a cotton pad, or directly onto your face, breathing in the relaxing scent before wiping away and enjoying eau so soft skin. Looking for a cosy option? Dream Steam is an indulgent way to tone. Pop one of these solid toner tabs in a bowl of boiling water and place your head over the bowl. When it hits the water it will fizz and slowly dissolve, creating steam that will open up your pores and allow the essential oils to sink into your skin. Dream Steam contains the natural anti inflammatory chamomile blue oil, which is renowned for its soothing qualities. Tea tree oil will keep your face clean and clear due to its antiseptic nature, while rose and lavender will calm and balance, and if you’re feeling under the weather inhale the steam to relieve blocked sinuses. All eyes on you Whether it’s the darker mornings or the busy party season, winter can leave us feeling a little bleary eyed. The skin around the eyes is naturally more sensitive, so investing in a gentle eye cream can give you back that bright-eyed feeling. Use a small amount of Enchanted Eye Cream just before you moisturise, dabbing it along the line of the cheekbone and up towards the brow bone. A mix of organic oils and lavender honey water will hydrate the under-eye area and keep it feeling firm. A soft touch End your routine with a generous slather of rich moisturiser to lock in enhancing oils and butters for supple and soft skin. There’s a whole host of moisturisers to choose from, but here’s a couple of top picks for chillier days. For full hydration, quench your skin with Skin Drink- a rich formula, packed to the brim with softening butters and oils. Nutrient-rich Fair Trade organic sesame oil and almond oil will protect your skin from the elements, while fresh avocado deeply hydrates. Aloe vera will soothe wind-beaten skin and evening primrose oil restores. Finally, a sunny rose and neroli scent will keep you and your skin in good spirits. When bitter weather bites, opt for Celestial, a light yet deeply softening moisturiser that is ideal for tender skin. High in vitamin E - almond oil and milk can protect the skin from damage, while dove orchids and Fair Trade organic cocoa butter condition and calm. Scented with sweet vanilla water, your skin will feel out of this world. Get naked! Winter may sound like the least convincing time of the year to strip off and bare it all, so our Naked skincare range has gone and done it for you. Across this range of packaging-free cleansers, balms and oils, you’ll be sure to create a winter wonderland routine for your skin. If the cold winter breeze has left you longing to feel the sun on your skin, grab Amazon Primer, one of our Naked facial oils. Filled with tropical andiroba oil and murumuru butter, this natural face oil provides enough hydration to soothe winter skin, while a soft matte finish will protect you from the cold. If you’re prone to a rosy glow from the chilly air, Sleepy Face solid cleanser is packed with calming French lavender and oat milk to settle skin tones back to their normal hue. Combine this with the balancing Turkish rose oil found in Argan solid facial oil and say goodbye to red cheeks this winter. Don’t fret the freeze With a whole host of products to choose from, you can welcome winter without worry, knowing your skin will be soothed and shielded from the cold. We encourage you to experiment with your routine, so go and explore your options here.

What is Digital Detox Day?

Digital Detox Day is a collaboration between mental health organisation #IAMWHOLE (co-founded by Jordan Stephens), Zoe Sugg (founder of Zoella) and Lush. The campaign sets out to raise awareness of the negative impact social media can have on our mental health, and helps people to form healthier relationships with their devices.

Digital Detox Day will take place worldwide on 5th September, when we will be asking people to step away from their phones for one whole day. Together with Lush, Zoe has created a bespoke Digital Detox Day bath bomb, called IRL which Lush will be selling online and in-store to raise vital funds for grassroots mental health charities. Money from the sales of this bath bomb go towards a fund taking applications for grants from small, grassroots groups who work on mental health issues. Find more details here To learn more about Digital Detox Day and how you can take part on the day, head here to check out #IAMWHOLE’s website.

Recycling our plastic bottles, bottle caps and black pots

Plastic isn't the root of all evil, but human reliance on the synthetic stuff is definitely creating a massive problem for the planet. That's where Lush comes in. We’re working hard on minimising our packaging footprint, which means our plastic packaging is plain, simple, recycled or even non-existent where we’ve reformulated naked alternatives. But if you're super attached to a potted or bottled product, and want to do your bit to save the planet too, this handy recycling guide will give you all the know-how you need.
Black and clear Lush pots All of our PP (polypropylene plastic) product pots (AKA the black or clear ones) are made from 100% recycled materials, that then go straight back into our ‘closed-loop’ recycling system when you return them in-store. We take them from you, give ‘em another clean (we’d appreciate it if you gave them a good rinse out for us first, it can get a bit grubby in there if products left to lurk for a long time) and ship them over to the Green Hub where they get melted down and remade into black pots over and over again. What counts in the bring back five pots scheme?
  • Any full-sized black PP pot (not including sample pots).
  • Any full-sized clear PP pot (the clear pots that shower jellies come in).
  • Black PP mascara, lipstick wands and loose powder make-up tubs.
  Whilst we don’t accept body spray bottles in the black pot scheme (as they are HDPE plastic and not PP plastic so they cannot go into the same waste stream) you can bring them in-store to be sent back to the Green Hub to be recycled. How to recycle your black and clear plastic pots:
  1. Give your pots a good wash when you’ve finished the product inside. (Get ‘em squeaky clean, please!)
  2. When you’ve collected five, take them to your local Lush store so we can send them off to the Green Hub in Poole.
  3. Receive a complimentary fresh face mask as a thank you.
Also feel free to upcycle our black pots. They’re handy storage containers when you are travelling, or great to pot plants with. Plastic bottles Our plastic bottles are made from PET clear plastic. This is the most widely recycled plastic in the world and almost every local council around the UK and Ireland will take these in household recycling bins. Whilst we could recycle them for you, it would take up a lot of extra resources to do so. We suggest that you pop these bad boys into your recycling bin at home (after giving them a good thorough clean of course). How to recycle your plastic bottles:
  1. When you have used all the product, wash them well.
  2. Pop them into your recycling bin.
Plastic bottle tops/Lush black bottle tops The good news is around 50% of UK and Ireland councils do accept bottle tops! If your local council doesn’t, we can accept small amounts of most drink bottle tops (soft drinks, milk, plant milk etc) in-store. These are collected to make bottle board that is used for furniture in our shops and sometimes donated to charities that can make use of them. However, we ask that you give these to us in small amounts as we don’t have the capacity to process bulk donations. How to recycle your plastic bottle tops
  1. Remove any additional packaging attached to bottle top.
  2. Rinse ‘em out.
  3. Bring them into your local shop and we will send them to the Green Hub to be recycled for you.
Happy recycling!

Lush Shower

Before you enter the ring, it’s time to choose your fighter. In one corner we have the classic, tried and true shower gel - traditional in the way it works, but still with a few tricks up its sleeves. In the other corner? A new contender to the ring - shower oils. An original innovation, shower oils have risen up the ranks to be a prominent new name on the showering scene. So, which one are you going to put your money on and crown the winner of your shower care routine? Let’s check out their credentials before you make your decision. Round 1 *ding ding* Small and mighty, petite and powerful, please welcome to the ring, shower oils. The basic premise is the same as their bottled counterparts - they clean your skin and provide vibrant fragrance and beautiful benefits. The main difference in a shower oil is that they come naked. Packaging free and stripped of all their plastic they are solid thanks to a base of Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and sunflower wax. These two ingredients will work in tandem to lock in moisture and provide the feeling of putting a lotion on after the shower, but without the effort of that extra step. A real time saver. This contender is a little gentler on delicate skin thanks to cocamidopropyl betaine, a softer foaming agent. It’s super easy going and a great option if you’re looking for something that has a lighter lather. This little fighter isn’t about getting that squeaky clean feeling, but instead about making sure you feel more moisturised afterwards thanks to leaving a bounty of butters and essential oils on the skin. To use a shower oil, all you have to do is work it straight onto wet skin with warm water. You’ll get the feeling of a luxurious cream that you can work all over the skin to leave you sumptuously soft. When you’re done, leave them to dry out before storing them in a tin or on your bathroom shelf. You can use shower oils on their own or after a traditional shower gel if you want a deeper cleanse. You can choose any champ you like, so let’s discover some of the shower oils on offer. With its zingy litsea cubeba fragrance, Minamisoma makes for an invigorating shower, while an extra dose of rapeseed oil packs in even more moisture. The turmeric powder within Minamisoma is an effective antioxidant and will leave your skin glowing with health. Alternatively, Coco Loco pairs the tropical scent of Brazillian orange oil with the creamy luxury of coconut cream for a shower that will make you long for sun soaked beaches and a cocktail in your hand. Round 2 *ding ding* No stranger to shower time and a reigning champ of cubicles across the world. Keeping it fresh and always keeping it interesting. It’s time to welcome to the ring, shower gels. Often seen as the most conventional option for washing, shower gels are super versatile and easy to use. The basic premise is that they use a surfactant (the thing that makes it foam) to remove dirt and oil from the skin easily and leave you feeling clean and bright. Traditionally bottled, this shower hero sometimes ditches the packaging for a naked version, but either way they’re super easy to use and store. Shower gels also harness the power of additional ingredients and essential oils to benefit the skin and mood in different ways. Looking for a vibrant, juicy pick me up? Go for Plum Rain, packed with fresh plum juice to give a boost of cleansing power and add an uplifting fragrance. Carrageenan, a rich seaweed extract, is also added to the mix to leave your skin extra soft post shower. Looking for a soothing night-time wash? Sleepy might be the one to go for! Oat milk calms even the most delicate skin and leaves it feeling soft, while the fan-favourite fragrance of lavender and tonka unwinds the mind.  Writer Dave Parry

Lush Bathing

As a seasoned beauty editor it’s my job to test and trial things on a daily basis. From peach hair to skin peeling solutions, I’m not afraid to give things a go. But getting me in a bath is no mean feat which is why when Lush asked me to put some of their new bath bombs to the test, I had to think carefully before I gave them the thumbs up. But boy, am I glad I did. Last year it was reported that sales of bath products were up – partly because they’re being billed as a massive stress reliever (much needed in today’s highly strung society) but partly because of hashtags like #bathart trending on social media. Pictures of fizzy psychedelic scenes that look like art gallery installations, bath time has most definitely had an upgrade from a quick dip in the tub and a customary end-of-day clean. Which begged the question – why was I still putting them on the back burner? Of course, baths have always been ritualistic – insomniacs are often prescribed lavender soaks to lull them into a relaxed state before bed. But I find them - or should that be, ‘found’ them - quite the opposite. In fact I’d go so far as saying they instilled fear in me. The waiting time while the bath fills up; the issue that I’m always cold so need water that’s scorching hot, only to find myself sweating profusely after five minutes with a burning desire to jump into a cool shower, and the real humdinger - that I could be using that valuable time to be ticking things off my to-do list. I’ve tried to ease the pain using various tactics…reading magazines, catching up on my Instagram feed/emails/bank account, making a phone call…but the anxiety about dropping said publication/phone in the water or being on the phone so long that the water turns tepid and I have to evacuate the tub immediately is far from pleasurable.  Yep, I’m a signed, sealed, delivered case of not being able to switch off. And while my sister calls her husband on the way home from a long day at work to get her bath filled so she can have a pre-dinner soak, it would never cross my mind. Ever. But something strange has happened. Spending a month trialling an array of new bath bombs, my mindset has shifted and so have my bathing habits. Before I began my tub trials, I quizzed my friend’s seven-year-old daughter and bath bomb obsessive, Evie on why she placed such high value on these mesmerising multicoloured balls. “They make the bath go all colourful and the glitter ones you can scoop your finger in and it goes all sparkly and they fizz and whizz and smell amazing.” I was game. I decided that I’d break my BB virginity after an evening yoga session to top up that virtuous feeling. Opting for Fairy Jasmine, swayed by the divine floral scent, I gave myself a 20-minute time limit, which felt achievable. What I noticed first was that my fingertips and toes didn’t take on that shrivelled raisin-like texture like they normally do mid soak - result. Feeling bold I also skipped the body moisturiser - one self-care step I’m meticulous about. I went to bed feeling uncomfortable about changing my routine, but also rather chuffed that I’d found myself a beauty hack. Still hydrated come morning, I’m onto a winner. As I worked my way through the bath bombs, I did encounter a predicament that I imagine the #bathart brigade fall victim to as well. Baths are traditionally a phone-free zone to allow for that relaxation and switching off to take place, but when those lumps of brightly coloured baking soda start jetting about the bath, twisting and turning under the water flow, the first thing I wanted to do was reach for my phone to document the process. Take Groovy kind of love– transforming my bath into a Neopolitan ice cream, as the bomb broke down into crumbly little meteorites I found myself scrunching it in my hand waiting for spurts of the rainbow to fizz out. I was regressing. Within beauty it’s usually make-up that takes the giant’s share of playing and experimenting but here I was feeling like a princess in glitter-filled waters. And while I’ve never been able to get on board with mindfulness apps, 20 minutes focusing on nothing else but the shapes and colours that these fun nuggets creates must be doing something for my mental wellbeing?  It’s worth mentioning that during this time great things started happening to my skin too. After indulging in the Bath bomb and admiring the golden glow and shimmer it imparted onto my skin, I jumped out of the tub and applied some fake tan. Not like me at all as I’m pretty lazy in that department. Plus, for a tan to develop evenly it’s important not to moisturise the skin beforehand and I always forget (see above about my obsessive hydration habits), but the bath bomb had left my limbs soft, smooth and hydrated enough for the colour to develop evenly without any patchiness. It also faded fantastically.  All of the above led to a bathing ritual revolution and I found I was factoring baths into my routine. After a Sunday gardening session (rare in itself), after a day of back-to-back meetings in London (pre-dinner) and the big shocker - one morning when I was working from home I opted for a bath over a shower. Something I never thought I’d do. The novelty didn’t wear off either and those hypnotic moments as the bath bombs broke down kept me hooked. Switching off guilt-free and saving precious time and effort on body moisturising, the clear benefits this experiment has had on my brain and body means it’s one tried and tested I won’t be giving up anytime soon. Writer Becci Vallis  
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