They’re an icon. They’re a legend. They are the moment. When Snow Fairy arrives, you know the holidays are just around the corner. The realm of Snow Fairy is made of shimmering pink skies and soft candy floss-fragranced clouds. Sweet Snow Fairy scents fill the air and the values of courage, kindness and confidence are celebrated wherever you wander. This year, our Lush Inventors have created a Snow Fairy product for every imaginable need. Ready to earn your fairy wings?

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The sweet scent of kindness

Snow Fairy Candle


For softness and sweetness that lingers

Snow Fairy Body Lotion

From 21$ /Each

Skin-softening scrubby bubblegum

Snow Fairy Foaming Scrub

From 25$ /Each

Iconic Candy Sweetness

Snow Fairy Shower Gel

From 15$ /Each

Dual-use sweetness for bath or oil burner

Snow Fairy Lush Melt


Beloved bubblegum bestseller

Snow Fairy Bath Bomb

11$ /Each

Snow Fairy Soap

13$ /Each

Blow bubblegum-scented bubbles

Snow Fairy Wand Bubble Bar

18$ /Each
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