Before you enter the ring, it’s time to choose your fighter. In one corner we have the classic, tried and true shower gel – traditional in the way it works, but still with a few tricks up its sleeves. In the other corner? A new contender to the ring – shower oils.

An original innovation, shower oils have risen up the ranks to be a prominent new name on the showering scene. So, which one are you going to put your money on and crown the winner of your shower care routine? Let’s check out their credentials before you make your decision.

Round 1 *ding ding*

Small and mighty, petite and powerful, please welcome to the ring, shower oils.

The basic premise is the same as their bottled counterparts – they clean your skin and provide vibrant fragrance and beautiful benefits. The main difference in a shower oil is that they come naked. Packaging free and stripped of all their plastic they are solid thanks to a base of Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and sunflower wax. These two ingredients will work in tandem to lock in moisture and provide the feeling of putting a lotion on after the shower, but without the effort of that extra step. A real time saver.

This contender is a little gentler on delicate skin thanks to cocamidopropyl betaine, a softer foaming agent. It’s super easy going and a great option if you’re looking for something that has a lighter lather. This little fighter isn’t about getting that squeaky clean feeling, but instead about making sure you feel more moisturised afterwards thanks to leaving a bounty of butters and essential oils on the skin.

To use a shower oil, all you have to do is work it straight onto wet skin with warm water. You’ll get the feeling of a luxurious cream that you can work all over the skin to leave you sumptuously soft. When you’re done, leave them to dry out before storing them in a tin or on your bathroom shelf. You can use shower oils on their own or after a traditional shower gel if you want a deeper cleanse.

You can choose any champ you like, so let’s discover some of the shower oils on offer. With its zingy litsea cubeba fragrance, Minamisoma makes for an invigorating shower, while an extra dose of rapeseed oil packs in even more moisture. The turmeric powder within Minamisoma is an effective antioxidant and will leave your skin glowing with health. Alternatively, Coco Loco pairs the tropical scent of Brazillian orange oil with the creamy luxury of coconut cream for a shower that will make you long for sun soaked beaches and a cocktail in your hand.

Round 2 *ding ding*

No stranger to shower time and a reigning champ of cubicles across the world. Keeping it fresh and always keeping it interesting. It’s time to welcome to the ring, shower gels.

Often seen as the most conventional option for washing, shower gels are super versatile and easy to use. The basic premise is that they use a surfactant (the thing that makes it foam) to remove dirt and oil from the skin easily and leave you feeling clean and bright. Traditionally bottled, this shower hero sometimes ditches the packaging for a naked version, but either way they’re super easy to use and store.

Shower gels also harness the power of additional ingredients and essential oils to benefit the skin and mood in different ways. Looking for a vibrant, juicy pick me up? Go for Plum Rain, packed with fresh plum juice to give a boost of cleansing power and add an uplifting fragrance. Carrageenan, a rich seaweed extract, is also added to the mix to leave your skin extra soft post shower. Looking for a soothing night-time wash? Sleepy might be the one to go for! Oat milk calms even the most delicate skin and leaves it feeling soft, while the fan-favourite fragrance of lavender and tonka unwinds the mind. 


Dave Parry