Lush Gifting guide

We know it’s hard to get just the right gift for the right person and choosing the best vessel to deliver your message can be painstaking. So no matter the scent, colour, feeling and message you like we created this all in one guide to help you choose the perfect gift box for all your loved ones this season!
We’ll go through different packages with different products that fit every person and all you have to do is choose whatever fits your gifting best!

Relaxing gifts, soothing, take a break

Anytime is the best time to take a small break from the world, pop in a hot bath, enjoy a shower and pamper yourself, and if that’s what you’re looking for (or if you know of someone that needs it) then this is the section for you! A collection of pre packed boxes, ready to go, for you to send the most caring message.

You can start off with “The Night Before Christmas” and as sure asThe night before Christmas gift box pictured with its contents, Reindeer bubble bar and shoot for the stars bath bombs on top Santa’s flying across the skies on his way to your chimney,
the box’s collection of two dreamy skin-softening bath products
will settle your mind and ensure a restful evening’s sleep!
If you fancy a trip to a vintage holiday town,
then set up the mood and turn your loved ones “Christmas Wishes” into reality.
With a comforting pair of soap and body lotion,
with jolly jostles of spicy orange and woody suds of “Golden Linseed Soap
while our best selling “Dream Cream” lotion soothes
and protects!

Help your beloved tuck their own sleepy bears off
to the land of nod with “Sleepy Bear”.
A snoozy quartet of some of our favourite relaxing products,
lavender and tonka take the lead with a three bath product set
accompanied by our “Twilight Shower Jelly”.
If you or your cubs are too excited to sleep before the big day,
this gift puts you to bed.


Care to deliver your dearest’s “Best Wishes” with our quintessentially Christmassy gift, allow them to soak in sumptuous relaxing scents with four classic bath and body products for the ultimate winter skin treat!

While busy at our Lush Christmas headquarters,
someone asked what do you get when you combine two products;
the serene lavender scent of our best-selling all-year-round Sleepy,
with three of the sweet, bubblegum-fragranced festive favourite Snow Fairy?
A match made in Lush heaven, “Christmas Bliss”!
This gift set covers all bases from head to toe, including shower gels,
body scrub, body lotion, and a soap to lather up with!

Get ready for the ultimate “Golden Slumber”, with five magical products, soothing lavender and caramel scents, you only need this to feel calm and restored.

Drift away on a journey to a magical “Dreamland”
with the help of these Sleepy-scented products
and soothing Lush spa music, which plays from this wind up musical tin!
The fusion of calming lavender and sweet tonka aromas in these six bath,
body, and shower products will leave you feeling blissfully tranquil.
Wind up the lid and whimsical harmonies inspired by
the Lush Spa soundtrack ‘Woodlark’ will play as the snow globe turns,
transporting you along a journey into calm.

Reuse again and again as a beautiful bedtime essential that will help you find little moments of calm all year round.

Looking for more options? we got you!