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My true love gave to me...

12 Days Of Christmas

1,287,000LL /Each

Candy pink Christmas

Sold out

Angels Delight

45,000LL /Each

Crisp lemon myrtle lathers

Sold out

Baked Alaska

65,000LL /Each

Three wishes come true.

Sold out

Best Wishes

232,000LL /Each

The skin-softener is back!

Sold out


39,000LL /Each

Candy Cane

84,000LL /Each

A candied citrus treat

Sold out

Candy Cane


Five festive baths

Sold out

Christmas Bath Tub

386,000LL /Each

Christmas Bathtime Favourites

630,000LL /Each

Six sweet and slumbers

Sold out

Christmas Bliss

463,000LL /Each

Four sweet escapes

Sold out

Christmas Candy Box

257,000LL /Each

Dreamy & relaxing shower goodies

Sold out

Dreaming Of Christmas

226,000LL /Each
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