Santa’s workshop is officially open! From quintessentially Christmas scents, to our signature festive favourites, we’ve got Christmas all wrapped up.

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My true Lush gave to me...

12 Days of Christmas

5,710,000LL /Each

A trio of sugar and spice

All Things Nice

1,370,000LL /Each


530,000LL /200g

Wobbly watermelon cleanses

Bouncing Santa

From 460,000LL /Each
Butterbea, a teddy bear-shaped bath bomb of a pale pink colour. The bear wears a nightcap and raises a paw as if to say hello.

Comforting bear hug in the tub


230,000LL /200g
Candy Cane, a cane-shaped bubble bar, with white and bright red stripes and the name Lush stamped on the lower part.

Minty, sweet bath time treat

Candy Cane

380,000LL /Each

Four for you, yahoo!

Celebrate Good Times!

2,050,000LL /Each

Cheers, Love, Smile, Be Happy

2,430,000LL /Each

Christmas bathing dreams come true!

Christmas Bathtime Favourites

3,650,000LL /Each

Christmas Bliss

3,420,000LL /Each

A festive fab four of bath bombs

Christmas Buds

1,440,000LL /Each

A Lush six pick and mix

Christmas Candy Box

2,670,000LL /Each
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