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Crisp lemon myrtle lathers

Baked Alaska

300,000LL /Each

Best bathtime wishes come true

Best Wishes

1,150,000LL /Each

The gentle skin-softener returns!


180,000LL /Each

Endless sweet peppermint bubbles

Candy Cane

280,000LL /Each

Soak in the greatest show with a duo of bath stars

Christmas Bathtime Bazaar!

610,000LL /Each

Ten bath bombs for a Christmas dream come true!

Christmas Bathtime Favourites

3,010,000LL /Each

Four swirly super sweet soaks

Christmas Candy Box

1,230,000LL /Each

Cinnamon Roll

370,000LL /Each

May all your Christmas dreams come true

Dreaming Of Christmas

1,040,000LL /Each

Sweetly scented soft skin

Fairy Dust

470,000LL /Each

Glow to town with five citrus stars


1,690,000LL /Each

Ten products to bring happiness from head to toe

Happily Ever After

3,610,000LL /Each
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